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Welcome to new members from the Moderators

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On behalf of "Watch Repair Talk" moderators, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all new members.  

This is a friendly place with plenty of knowledgeable people who have varying degrees of horological expertise, the great thing is they are willing to share that invaluable knowledge and help one another.

To help us keep things running smoothly, I would ask all new members to read the forum rules and place their posts in the correct sections.

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thanks for welcome. I am an amateur watch restorer/repairer since 60 years. But never too old to learn a few tricks so I hope to learn from the community. What an asset to new watchmakers to have all this data available at a few clicks. I remember many hours standing behind a watchmaker to see what he did and learn, but slowly. But although I (with experience under my belt) appreciate the easy info, i would like to stress to young people to remain eager to go and do! There is no substitute your fingers to learn what to, and how to do it. And that comes at a price, real costs but also the famous sweat and tears.

I am dutch, live in france and consider english my best language.


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