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Landeron 248 disassembly videos

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Since I was working on the Landeron 48 with wrong dial, from which I used the case and a Landeron 151 and correct dial to make a new watch, I saw this Landeron 248 sitting in the drawer at my desk and devided to finally tackle the issue it had: a slipping mainspring.

I documented the disassembly of the movement vith 3 videos, the first of which is here below:

Hope you enjoy


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Watching them now! I don't know how I could miss all these posts! Ok, I know, I've been away! I can't have the cake and eat it too!



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So why was the MS slipping? 


could you post a link to the end of the story? :D

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    • By Paul78
      Could anyone help me with this pocket watch, there is no identification on the movement whatsoever, after removing all of the screws from the train bridge i still cant remove the bridge. It looks like the centre wheel or the canon pinion is stopping it. Ive attached some pics, can anyone see what it is i may need to do to remove it? ive tried prizing off the pinion but it doesn't budge at all.

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      I have an Omega Speedmaster 1861 which is gaining 55-60 seconds per day. How can you tell if the watch needs a service or just regulating? I have checked the watch for magnetism and it is not magnetised. The watch was originally purchased in 2010. I only wear the watch a few times per month.
      I have made a short video of the watch on a Timegrapher .
      Any suggestions / comments would be most appreciated.
    • By VeracityFirst

      Images attached!

      As you see, I have here a 1950-1960's Chronograph using a Landeron 149 movement. Firstly, the good:

      The watch keeps good time. It winds up fine. It changes time fine. No problems there at all.

      That's where it ends really.

      The bad:

      * The springbars - they are completely stuck. I cannot for love or money get them to budge. As you can see in the album, I am also concerned that they have been glued in. You might be able to see on the lugs there appears to be some cracking, I am worried that if attempt to remove the springbars any further, the lugs will simply crack and break. Does that seem like something that could happen?

      * The caseback - You may be able to see, but it seems to not sit flush to the watch case. I think it has been threaded. How easy is this to resolve? or is this a major problem?

      * The chrono function - Hey, guess what, it works...(sometimes!!). The chronograph function works 8/10. I press the top button, and it may or may not start the ticking function. Most of the time it does. It resets on the lower button just fine, regardless of whether the ticker goes or not. 

      My overall question is, how beat up is this old boy? I am expecting a big price to get it back to former glory, but I am unsure just how much, if even doable. 

      Be great to hear your thoughts on this guys!

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      Hi everyone, I have a Bifora vintage wind up watch, German made. I don't know how to assemble it and no horologist or watchmaker or jeweler that I contacted wants to help. I would really appreciate it if someone could direct me to the proper website, magazine, book, anything so I can fix it and get it working again. I have all of the pieces, my only problem is figuring out how to assemble it. These pics are references, My watch looks just like the one in the picture. I really want to fix it but lack the expertise. Thanks a lot 

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      I'm in desperate need to find servicing within a reasonable price range for my two omega constellations f300hz. I'm having a very hard process of finding a place that will actually service these watches besides omega itself. Omega's servicing for these watches start at 1200.00 a pop + nearly half a year wait time; quite expensive and time consuming..Does anyone on here recommend a place to get these watches serviced stateside..It would be great if they are in NYC too.
      This young watch collector would be so appreciative if someone could help out.
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    • Good Catch..Sorry  I am working on the 7s26C The title was a typo, a result of short fat fingers. I have to watch that I'll be causing more confusion than anything. I also used the guide from N Hacko, Very informative. The man did a GREAT job documenting the process. 
    • You the Man... Thanks .. I ripped down and rebuilt the watch 3 times.. Of course I could not completely check my work without that part. I am excited to see how I did. Hardest part was getting the roller jewel in place.. But I am getting better(quicker) at it ... Have you been doing this long? Any suggestions as to what I should try next? I'm thinking about perhaps buying a broken day date watch and trying to trouble shoot and repair it. Regards  Anthony
    • I have had time to study this watch and I am utterly convinced that the case for this one is not Rolex, its a silver case imported into London 1928 and has a George Dimier sponsors mark, I can not find refrence to George Dimier having supplied cases to Rolex, the RWC ltd stamp should be a well defined oval shape this one is clearly not the rolex stamps look like a later edition to the case to me. Again the movement is unrelated to the case but is a 15 jewel 10.5 Aegler Rebberg
    • Anthony. On its way. You should get it tomorrow or Sat

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    • Speaking of Software Timegraphers.. I found an open source one on github. Share a bit of love those people who don't have Windoze. Keep the penguins happy ;-)