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  1. Hi and welcome rust .. don't 'rust' how to learn step by step here you have some skilled persons who can help you learn step by step. So do not hesitate to ask for help
  2. Hello and welcome Jono
  3. You're welcome johnnie
  4. yes indeed, 3 nice ladies you have congrats .
  5. Welcome to you Pikers you are on the best forum
  6. Like ro63rto .Ebay is your friend . Unless you really want the original piece to your watch, there you have to look a little more .
  7. oh yeah !,..That would be an interesting idea.
  8. Hiiii ! .. The crown on this watch ( The video ) is far from straight .
  9. First , A warm welcome . You have a nice watch .
  10. Agree oldhippy .. It has no use for the majority of us but it's crazy how beautiful. It is a very beautiful piece of timepiece ... Really .
  11. oh i see but,... no need to trash the watch,, the missing feet can be replaced and some new feet can be soldered.... Good luck Here we have some experts that they can help you how to do ( Sorry i have a bad english ) .
  12. Certainly these are beautiful dials for clocks..oldhippy
  13. 200 Euros to look (estimate) a watch? I suggest you look for a better estimate in another watchmaker. Because 200 Euros is too expensive in my opinion.
  14. Ouff .... could you tell me why you want to stick pieces in a watch? No part of a watch should be glued. Follow the recommendations of other members who know the watches will help you. Never stick pieces in a watch. Even Chinese .
  15. If the watch is not a franken watch, you're okay even if it is a cheap watch... As you said Anyway , i only have seiko, bulova and Timex and a Phasar..... Welcome to the forum .