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  1. Nice piece for a collectors anyway ! thanks for sharing
  2. Not neccessary but my hubbies are vintage bicycles, vintage watches and country music. Yes i sing country music sometimes ha ha ha ha ....
  3. I don't know Anilv but nice lookin' watch .
  4. Very nice piece really Anilv . Congrats.. the movement has already been serviced longtime ago.. I don't know that brand because, probably that brand has never been sold in America .
  5. Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this has already been discussed and I do not know if I am in the right place to send my post but I put it here and free to modos or admins to delete it or move it. Considering that on a lot of forum there are amateurs old or vintage watches, and that what is put on the dials and needles is dangerous (Tritium and Radium), then, is the LumiNova dangerous? The text below says it. What is LumiNova? LumiNova®, also known as "lume", is a luminescent substance that allows you to read the time in the dark. Functioning as a kind of "light battery", it stores light and then restores it in low light conditions. Contrary to popular belief, LumiNova® is non-radioactive and non-toxic. It contains neither radium nor tritium nor any other radioactive product. The LumiNova® is mainly used by the watch industry, but it is also used in other applications, such as security markings, or in aviation. It was invented and developed by the Japanese company NEMOTO & CO. LTD, a world leader in photoluminescent pigments. The Super-Luminova® is produced by Swiss RC Tritec AG. This product, of a quality to date unmatched, is used by all the major brands of watches on the planet. Manufactured from strontium aluminate, LumiNova® is an inert product, which presents no danger. It is both much more efficient than zinc sulphite products, and infinitely safer than old radioactive products such as radium or tritium.
  6. Tom, welcom here
  7. Sleeper, welcome here , i'm also a Bulova and Timex fan...
  8. Hello and welcome Baggage
  9. Wow ! the wacth is so beautiful ! thanks for sharing..Indeed it is very similar to mine, it is almost identical except the brand of course . However, yours is 100 times more beautiful . It is true that mine has not been cleaned or redone .
  10. In any case, there are never too many tools because they are very useful in several cases .
  11. Nice piece Tony
  12. Thanks Douglas for the files .
  13. It's dark turquoise... In fact, it's a blue dark turquoise green .. However, it's a beautiful watch you have
  14. Nice job Roland thanks for sharing your skills or experiences .
  15. Thanks. indeed, i saw a site whit the name tempo and the watches are expensive...thank you for the link