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  1. David, I don't think they all meant to bash the man for his technique, but only to point out that it was quite unusual. Ok that was an inexpensive Seiko 5 watch, and probably he was just showing an alternative "ancient" method to do that kind of repair, but looking at his other videos, I do sometimes see things that make me cringe sometimes. And I am not a professional watchmaker, just a hobby watch repairer... So my opinion is to be taken for what it is worth: almost nothing.
  2. I was watching the video on the Speedmaster FOIS (First Omega In Space) from Hodinkee, and since I liked it so much, I took a couple of screenshots of a particular closeup of the movement. I will use one of them probably as desktop wallpaper... I just love how the gears interact...
  3. No expensive glass here, it is after all a Seiko.... And I found it for really cheap, so I decided to replace the glass. I know the glass can be polished, but I do not have the tools to do it at the moment. This is mineral glass, so normal scrubbing with a polishing paste won't do it....
  4. Considering if I should change the glass of this otherwise almost perfectly looking Seiko 7T34-6A90. The glass is not chipped, it has pittings and dents, though,and a couple of scratches, which affected only the glass itself, and fortunately not the protruding rotating bezel. Check the pics I took and let me know your opinion.
  5. Yet, the Poljots do have their place in the horology world... The stand for the ingenuity of the russians in wanting to enter the "Haute Horlogerie" with the right foot, standing on traditional designs and "means". And honestly, I'd prefer to have the Poljot 3313 at my wrist instead of a Valjoux 7750 any day.
  6. The quality is good, but not comparable with its originating sibling, the Valjoux 7734 honestly....
  7. I am sure I wont win any award....
  8. I will have to admit I used an Olympus Camedia 3,2MP for those shots.... nothing professional and 12 years old, man...
  9. I know I have already shown macros of the Poljot 3133 movement I last got, but since my digital camera is finally working ( after a clean and new set of batteries...) I made a couple of shots, just to see if it still can deliver... and boy it can!
  10. The more I look at these Hamiltons the more I wish I'd lived in the era they were manufactured.... Astonishing case design and technology...
  11. Vey nice results!
  12. Excellent walkthrough! Great resurrection and amazing result!
  13. Excellent walkthrough! Great resurrection and amazing result!
  14. I am so happy you managed to bring it to a positive end. Being the first chronograph it is a special event. And the Landeron will be another first, since even if similar in structure to the Poljot 3133, it is another completely different "beast". Easier in some parts, harder on others. But amazingly interesting as is the Poljot. You will love that one also.
  15. That is a nice Enicar!