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  1. Excellent walkthrough!!! Great job Roland!
  2. Some more pics... It is hard to picture the domed crystals, but also any crystal for that matter.
  3. Thanks oldhippy. The cuckoo is plastic... so guess this is a quite modern clock. As per the information, I will look it up, someday... Suffice to say the clock is working now, so I am satisfied with my work.
  4. So yesterday I fixed an LED ring light and today I tested it on a Poljot 3133 movement I got for spares...comments on the results?
  5. Pics of the inscriptions on the movement, withe the manufacturers name, model and probably the patent numbers (?)
  6. I was hoping you would chime in. Thanks for the info and yes bellows is the name, only that at 22:00 my mind was a bit tired... It is 8:00 in the morning and I just heard, precisely at the hour change, the cuckoo sing. Delighted to hear that even if it come from a mass produced, cheapo wall clock. And a couple of seconds later, the gong of the other wall clock in the living room just reminded me I am late for work... More pics of the cuckoo later.
  7. And of course, a small video of the clock working...
  8. The clock had been aesthetically restored by my wife after we received it, she does not like the plain brown fake wood...
  9. Putting all back together was a bit tricky, but a lot of patience makes wonders... This is the clock hanging on the wall in the kitchen, working happily as it was before.
  10. With the movement out of the case, I was ten able to reinsert the chain and close the weight to the next ring. Sorry no pictures of the process... But you get the idea
  11. Removing the second "flute" for lack of a better name revealed completely the movement. Please forgive both the quality and backgrounds of the images, working at night in my living room...
  12. We received from an old lady that passed away a couple of years ago this cheapo German wall clock. It was working nicely until our last moving, during which someone or something pulled one of the two hanging chains a bit too far, breaking a ring and letting it completely fall off the clock. I decided it was time to repair it... This is the inside of the clock. As you can see, it is a cheap clock, so not really worth repairing, but why not? In the first picture o had already removed the right (how is that thing called???), the one that makes the "cu" sound.
  13. David, I don't think they all meant to bash the man for his technique, but only to point out that it was quite unusual. Ok that was an inexpensive Seiko 5 watch, and probably he was just showing an alternative "ancient" method to do that kind of repair, but looking at his other videos, I do sometimes see things that make me cringe sometimes. And I am not a professional watchmaker, just a hobby watch repairer... So my opinion is to be taken for what it is worth: almost nothing.
  14. I was watching the video on the Speedmaster FOIS (First Omega In Space) from Hodinkee, and since I liked it so much, I took a couple of screenshots of a particular closeup of the movement. I will use one of them probably as desktop wallpaper... I just love how the gears interact...
  15. No expensive glass here, it is after all a Seiko.... And I found it for really cheap, so I decided to replace the glass. I know the glass can be polished, but I do not have the tools to do it at the moment. This is mineral glass, so normal scrubbing with a polishing paste won't do it....