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  1. A close up of the movement, which is not so dirty as I expected to be, shows that, considering the style and position of the markings on the chronograph bridge, it was probably made around 1991.
  2. The plastic box contains another white dial with English writings, hands, the pallet fork and its screws, the stem and crown and the glass for the case, that I fear though belongs to another type of case since its border is too high. Pictured below the two white dials: on the left the dial that came with the Admiral on the right the new one. They are almost identical, where it not for the English writing and different font for the Roman numerals.
  3. And today I received the third movement, which is almost complete except for the balance wheel and balance cock(or balance bridge if you will). Here's a pic of what I received: the almost complete movement on the right, a not so bad case and its back cover below, and some goodies inside the plastic box...
  4. What jdm says is 100% true. Had some issues with paypal in the pas,t, I only buy now in eBay and sell on my shop, where I give 100% guarantee of full refund if something is wrong with the product, but only on receipt of the watch and my inspection. And even though I accept paypal as payment, I prefer always bank money transfer. Plus, I don't see why I should pay as seller so high commissions to paypal....
  5. Very generous of you, I sent you a pm.
  6. The issue is basically that the operating lever from Valjoux is slightly longer that the Poljot one. This means that it fits inside the same space as the original, but it is very hard to actuate. Furthermore, I also noticed that the end on the side of the hole for the post on the movement plate, where the screw should go, is also slightly thicker, so when you screw it down it locks the lever. While this is easily resolvable, with a bit of sanding, the fact that the lever is longer than necessary makes it all more difficult than it needed to be. Now I have 2 options: I file down the end with the hole and then I also file the movement chronograph plate creating a slightly larger "C" gap I wait for the other movement I got, a Poljot 3133 as well, that should have a perfectly working 8140 operating lever. In this case, I bought this Valjoux part for nothing. Of course I will wait for the other Poljot movement to arrive and try out that lever, but in the meantime I also wanted to see this movement working... I am a bit impatient, honestly. BTW, I also installed the balance to see if the movement works, and it does.
  7. Or at least partially wrong: the spring (part no.8335) is perfectly compatible, and works like a charm. I did compare it with an original Poljot spring, and although it is slightly longer on one end, it fits perfectly in the crevice of the movement, and it is the same width. A pic of the bag containing the two Valjoux/poljot parts:
  8. Some of the parts arrived today, and I was eager to continue with the reassembly of this movement/watch... but I encountered some issues.... mainly incompatibility issues, that is. But first, some pics... This is what I received today: The balance wheel, the operating and fly-back lever spring, part no.8335 and the operating lever, part no.8140 Both the spring and the operating lever, since it was almost impossible to find them original Poljot, had to be sourced from its counterpart movement, Valjoux 7734. Since the Poljot 3133 is basically a "clone" of the 7733 from the swiss manufacturer, being built with the same machinery and tools, I was hoping they were fully copatible one with each other. But I was wrong...
  9. Good to see you "back" on the Landeron wagon! I will help you as much as I can, I have as you know some of these movements under my belt now and even managed (ahahaha) to get some back to working condition! (just joking...) You will really love the sturdiness, reliability and simplicity of this movement, I guarantee you. If the pictures show exactly what you will get (hopefully) the movement apparently is complete and in good shape. Let's wait till the postman arrives, though, to confirm this. Looking forward to this project!
  10. Always was... It is good exercise for the mind and for the fingers...
  11. But there was more to it than I was expecting, since he also sent these pics. Basically a complete watch completely disassembled (probably some parts will be missing, since I don't know what he sold before) needing a lot of TLC...
  12. I had asked him initially for the 8140 and 8335 parts, and he sent me this pic... this made my buyer instinct tick, and made him the offer to buy the whole thing...
  13. It is getting addictive... The same person who sold me the stem+crown had an almost complete movement + case he was disassembling to sell it as parts... Story is that he had this complete watch that stopped working for who knows whatever reason (the chronograph was no working) so he sent it to a watchmaker to asses the problem and solve it. Well, after two (2!!!) years he got it back, in pieces, inside a tin box... So I asked him how much he wanted for the whole thing, and we bargained a price we were both comfortable with, considering the status of the poor watch. So I will be receiving another 3133 to service, or use for parts this time. I know you want pics, I can only give you the seller's, who I hope will forgive me for posting them here.... The first pic is, of course, the crown + stem...
  14. While I was waiting for the balance wheel to be marked as "shipped", which was earlier today, I sourced out a stem+crown and the operating lever, part 8140. I also bought the lever spring, part 8335, which was not cheap by any means... I hope all arrives for the end of this week....
  15. Bye the part number you wrote is wrong, the correct part number is 8350.