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  1. Usually the red side up. But some movement have the coil in the opposite way. If i hesitate and have forgotten how it should sit i normally find one on google to look at. You can also figure out if you at the barrel arbor.
  2. Tool is 9026,9027,9028.
  3. Mark II crystal is held in place by a o-ring . There is a groove in the crystal. The crystal needs to be inserted with a special tool. Hi failure risk without the right tool. Big risk of cracking the crystal.
  4. It's an automatic. If so it could be some kind of slipping thing. Or it can be broken? There shall not be a notch in the barrel as the movement is a bumber. I would get a new mainspring as it looks a little strange? Size for the mainspring is in the text. Somebody did shorten that mainspring so i guess the a easy to break?
  5. That looks like a Kif spring. Bulova often has Kif. Not the easiest to remove. But this could help. Old thread.
  6. Sounds like it? The hacking stops the 4 th wheel.
  7. The clutch coupling 60s is missing. Number 8080 . I search for it on cousinsuk. But when i search the number i get a 8079 . Which is also a clutch coupling for 60s . Wonder if that works also?
  8. Bought this today. Looking good but there is some parts missing. hopping to find some new ones. i have search for a parts list . BUt can't seem to find anything on 7765. Would any other parts work. Looks like the hammer is missing. And the bridge. I hope i haven't bought a pig i a sack. As we say in Sweden Watch is working but not very good. Can you help me out which parts i need to make it work as it should again. That little gear that takes care or the second sub is missing to. And the support for it. Or is that just in the 7750? Need a PDF
  9. Is there anything left of the thread inside the movement? A stem extension in the right size to thread on the remaining thread could work. Or you will have to take the movement out of the case? Gentle knock at the same time as you press the release button?
  10. The dial is just sitting on the movement. Dialfeet are in little tight special construction holes. So by removing the hands you can lift the dial up.
  11. That must be Omegas worst ever movement? That is probably just stuck in there. There is no stem or crown just a pusher that you hold in to set the time with.
  12. That ain't a 6105 movement. Not even a 7625 as i thought at first. That has no adjustable beaterror arm.
  13. Thought i had seen it somewhere before. Its a Seiko 7625 or something like that?
  14. Probably a GMT function. Looks like the date mechanism is taken of to.
  15. I now what you think Geo? Not sure it's within the forumrules? I am sure there is some that is interested? But have you checked that it is okay to sell them trough the forum?