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  1. Did you get the parts i sent . Have a Chinese watch with that shok spring if you like. Looks excatly like it. even has mao tse tung on the front. 

  2. Hi Clockbiy No, I have the spring and the cap jewel. Missing the chaton with its balance staff jewel. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone was just servicing an old Longines Lady L817.4 from the family and lost the lower incabloc (part 325). Just got away from by brass tweezers and totally vanished!!... Tried eBay but no luck. Any suggestion on where I can find this? Many thanks
  4. Hi everyone Any help with the right procedure to replace the gasket on the Seiko 6139-6002 stem? Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Thanks Rogart63 Do you have this for sell? Many thanks
  6. Thanks very much all. The shape is particular. They should not be the most effective, but it is quite handy to attached it without having to disassemble the incabloc.
  7. Thanks so much Clockboy. Please see the photo of the spring and measures (apologies for draft drawing; all measures in mm).
  8. Hi everyone Currently doing a service to a skeleton I bought more than 10 years ago. I really like the style of it, although it is a cheap watch with a Chinese Standard movement caliber 2650S. Broke one of the shock springs and could not find anything similar to buy and replace it (apart from buying the all movement). Tried to look at the Kif shock springs since some are similar, but they will not fit. Any help on where to buy this shock spring would be very appreciated. Many Thanks
  9. Thanks all for the feedback and thanks Canthus for the Casing Guide, it helps a lot. Cheers
  10. Hi everyone I need to replace the Crystal off my Seiko 7009-3181. Can anyone tell me if I need to remove the steel Bezel in order to take out the old class and put the new one? Can the new glass go in with the stell bezel in place? Thanks a lot. Claudio