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  1. The larger supply houses are usually cheaper that the likes of some UK ebay suppliers.
  2. Indeed G, that was a complete waste of time for both of us, but hey ho Hoping you get some positive fortune your way mate after your own terrible circumstance.
  3. I've been looking for a long time for one of these, and this popped up on the bay without much of a description, it was clearly being sold by someone who didn't know much about it, from the photos, it looked like a 7750 movement holder to me, so I took a gamble, and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived, in perfect working order, but above all, it sure is for the 7750 movement DSC07931 by Micky Aldridge, on Flickr DSC07934 by Micky Aldridge, on Flickr Think I may put it through my ultrasonic bath to remove the staining as its clear its been sitting unused for some time. All the pushers, pivot holders, and screws are free, so will remove those prior to that and grease them. Next movement holder I want to get it the dedicated 7753 holder, probably get that from Boley.
  4. Quality feels good, lets see how it looks once its been washed
  5. Warning, Mugshot alert.. DSC07795 by Micky Aldridge, on Flickr
  6. I would love to see a video of that machine in action
  7. Never thought to use my UV torch, will give that a go next time I need to exercise on my knees.
  8. Depends, from experience, I originally purchased various sizes lots from China, BIG MISTAKE, they perish over time, become brittle, and frey. So I binned the lot and purchased the more expensive option boxsets Swiss ISO type thick from cousinsuk. Its not worth risking a watch water resistance with anything else to be honest. I find the £52GBP box assortment very good quality.
  9. I actually started out with A*F screwdrivers, and they are not too bad to be honest, well priced, and good quality for beginners.
  10. I've recently acquired the smaller version that Horotec supply, and it's already saved the day with a stubborn case back, highly recommended. DSC07393 by Micky Aldridge, on Flickr
  11. Welcome aboard
  12. Certainly not worth the asking price.
  13. Yes thats the kidney, its mostly a plastic component, but on some other calibers it can be metal, seen these on some Omega's.
  14. Will do, I ordered the premium shirt with the forums logo, plus my business name underneath