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  1. Yes, there is such a thing, 904, expensive.
  2. Hi!

    Welcome aboard Mark
  3. Me too, wouldn't work without them.
  4. Another one here, £150 plus £40 shipping. New listing Bergeon Waterproof Tester 5555
  5. I'm actually impressed with its non-slip capability, but the colour isn't working very well with my work, prefer to have a light green mat, so will be looking for non-slip green mats soon.
  6. I covered my work surfaces with this USA supplied Alvin The in the actual workstations following a recommendation from Mark, I got non-slip Bergeon 7808-N black mats.
  7. Likewise with my new workshop layout, I raised my ain working area, and its so much better now.
  8. Well done, looking good!
  9. As Transporter states, the 1000 is perfectly fine for starting off with. I started out with one, and it served me well for a few years, I have since upgraded to a more professional set up due to my work. Very strange reading by S STEEL, on Flickr
  10. LOL, nope, it was washed a while ago, but only got round to wearing it again last night
  11. You did very well, I have seen them upwards of €350 depending on condition.
  12. I have chubby fingers and find Medium a little tight, so will be ordering Large next. DSC08996 by S STEEL, on Flickr
  13. Not bad for your first attempt, well done
  14. I was about to suggest Gleave, didn't know they were out of stock as I usually get all mine from them.