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  1. Incredible, well done, thats beautiful now, it was originally, but you have now taken it to the next level.
  2. The sole purpose of this forum is to help, and educate the community in watch repair, but at the same time, to build a great friendly community too, sharing likeminded advice, tips, reviews on tools, equipment, be it photos, links, videos, news articles, headlines, and pretty much anything else that fits into our community. My day job is working on watches, and I don't see these great forums being a threat to my livelihood.
  3. Sorry to hear you lost your job, Don. Great creativity there though with your lamp, impressive use of wood, and LEDS.
  4. As Oldhippy states, with a screw down crown, the stem length is very important for the crown's clutch to be fully operational, when the stem is cut to the required length, when you push the crown onto the tube thread, the crowns clutch disengages, thus allowing the crown to free wheel so to speak, and screw down onto the tube thread without manually winding the watch movement. Having said that, i have come across many watches, new, and used, where in some cases, whilst screwing down the crown, the movement is indeed manual would a little.
  5. Not experienced static with any of my hand presses, but what I do find a lot of static with are my movements parts trays, these.. Untitled by Micky Aldridge, on Flickr The static plays havoc with screws, and other materials, so much so, its hard to pick up a part with tweezers first go.
  6. I'm so sorry to hear this, and sadly it's not the first time I have rear the horror with dealing with eBay as a seller. I stopped selling on there a few years ago as I, like you lost a lot of money. Lesson learned, I only buy from there now.
  7. I'm a bit of a lamp guy, apart from my new LED work lights, I also have these two in my unboxing, and packaging area. Halogen is actually used to age dials. Anglepoise is a 1950's light that I love. DSC04799 by Micky Aldridge, on Flickr DSC04800 by Micky Aldridge, on Flickr
  8. Mine arrived today DSC04794 by Micky Aldridge, on Flickr Having checked they work, I'm happy to report they do indeed work, however, with my old set up, I had my tubed lamps plugged into a remote control power lead extension, and I could easily switch on each lamp remotely, these LED lights on't allow for this due to not having a physical on/off switch. Having press button micro switches, not only do I now need to switch each lamp on physically, the previous light setting brightness level is not stored, and therefore, not only does one have to switch each lamp on via the lamp's control panel, I will need to set each lamp's brightness each and every morning, Oh humbug. That said, I'm quite impressed with them thus far.
  9. Sounds like your keyless work needs resetting.
  10. As suspected, its a 21J cheap movement. I used to repair these in the past, but quickly realised that they ar throwaway movements, and are not worthy of repair time. Simply replace is the cheaper option.
  11. Remove the case back and get a photo of the movement, I'm guessing there will be a cheap 21j movement in there. Check the oscillating weight central screw to ensure its not come loose, because if it has, there's your problem.
  12. What is the movement?
  13. Great insight into your hobby, and some great advice for newbies. I can relate to some of your findings over the years, patience is key, and as you say, a very steady hand, plus suitable eyewear magnification, lighting etc. Thanks for the photos, I will share some photos of mine once I have completed my remodelling. @Geo I managed to find a U.S supplier of the Alvin covering who ship direct to me
  14. Indeed, lesson learned, I will get this stuff, just need to find someone Stateside to help me now..
  15. Damn it the second sheet broken up, and shattered like an eggshell whilst cutting out my measurements. Not the start to 2017 I planned by Micky Aldridge, on Flickr What a waste of time, and money that was, now I need to find someone Stateside who is willing to help me in getting this item shipped to me.. Alvin Vyco Roll-Cream/Green 31"X10Yd by Micky Aldridge, on Flickr