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  1. Found it, looks like it simply screws into the threaded part of the drivers shaft. Bergeon 6012-SD by Micky Aldridge, on Flickr
  2. Cool, I will look into that, maybe Boley stocks it.
  3. Ah, thats for the old discontinued model, I believe @Geo his press maybe compatible with that.
  4. Yes, the plates that fit on the base, I think know what you are referring to, this? Hand_Fitting_Press__Watch___Bergeon_Swiss by Micky Aldridge, on Flickr They also sell a generic driver with a blank tip which you can trim to a custom size.
  5. I did, there's two, and I have ordered them both from cousins, not cheap at £60 each.
  6. Reverse wheel lubrication dried up?
  7. Certainly does have a low amplitude. What movement is it?
  8. Thats actually a great price for a complete set.!
  9. I had a job in recently which turned out to be the staff had worked loose from the balance wheel, however after looking more closely, the hole the staff normally pressed into had enlarged due to the staff being loose for so long, so no chance of re-pressing that back in. Ended up replacing the wheel.
  10. I noticed he's not been around lately too, hope all is well, here's hoping he's simply away in the sun enjoying a cocktail.
  11. They are similar to the Bergeon 6825 type. I found it actually quite cumbersome, and if anything else, risked catching the case more than the 6767F tool. Ended up offering it up in a forum competition a while back.
  12. Welcome aboard.
  13. There are countless movement holders made for specific movements, and not only automatics, ETA Quartz too.
  14. @jdm The bottom pinion, and jewel are the rear end of the seconds wheel, if this isn't supported during the refitting of hands, you can damage that pinion/gear/jewel, thats why there is a centre post in movement holders for specific movements. As you can see from the 7750/7753 movement holder I posted above, this has several posts, each adjustable to comfort/protect their respective jewel/pivot/gear whilst refitting the hands.
  15. Thats what I'm thinking in the short term, and would like to keep my Horotec presses just in case, I will let you know how I get on with the offset intermediate plate.