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  1. I still think it's more likely for a specific purpose. Nearly all the stakes are flat face hole punches of increasing size (nicely marked) plus three others with odd markings and three anvils. I don't think it would be of much use as a general staking tool because of this. I guess we'll never know though, I just thought it looked interesting.
  2. I would agree that it looks like a type of staking tool, but it looks to me as if it is for a specific purpose not general use. I was wondering if anyone knew what it might be as it looks quite interesting.
  3. Hi Saw this advertised on EBay. Just out of curiosity does anybody know, or can hazard a guess, what it is used for? Thanks Stephen
  4. I don't wash cases and bracelets in cleaning solution, I find washing up liquid and water works fine for them. I leave the solutions just for the watch parts in the main. Stephen
  5. Thanks again for the responses. Excellent tip there, as you say no point in wasting what I've already got :). Also interesting to see those finger cots are roughly the same size, but the A*F one fits better.
  6. Thanks for the responses, much appreciated. Interesting that you say they are stretchier than others, could be what I need. What is the diameter on the medium ones, before putting on and stretching? The ones I have at the moment are about 2cm and I find them too tight, particularly on the thumbs. Stephen
  7. Hi Just wondering if anyone here has ever bought the A*F finger cots from Cousins? I've tried various other cheap ones before, but they are usually too tight. The A*F ones come in S,M,L & XL, but it doesn't say what these sizes equate to. I'm interested in getting some, so if anybody can advise on the size of these it would be helpful. Thanks Stephen
  8. Hi I've got this Tissot Seastar Seven that has a 782-1 movement. The back of the case is a good example of what can happen to front loaders when people persist in trying to open them from the back. As well as all the scratches it has grooves worn on both sides and the top and bottom of the case. What I can't figure out is the front of the case. It looks like it has some sort of bezel ring missing - do you think this is right? If so I'm not sure how I could repace it. Stephen
  9. I've got a Seiko Kinetic, different model. If I remember correctly it is actually a snap on case back that looks like a screw on. Perhaps yours is as well? Might be worth giving it a try. Stephen
  10. Photos of balance for clarification:
  11. Thanks fellas, very useful information - I was wondering if it would be radium. I took of the balance to check, definitely nothing out of the ordinary. The only markings on the watch I can see so far are the 72 on the balance. That is a really nice looking watch dman. My case and dial are in poor condition so I'm not going to end up with anything that good.
  12. Hi I've got this non working Glycine I'm going to try getting going again. I'm not sure of the calibre, but as there is a '72' marked on the balance cock I'm going for 72 cal. ;). I don't know the age of this watch, so I'm wondering how the hands might have been painted, whether I need to take care with it. The lume has completely gone on the minute hand, but is still there on the hour. Also does anyone know where I might find any sort of information for this calibre? Thanks Stephen
  13. Much appreciated, will do.
  14. Yes, I saw those. I think they would be a good deal for spares if I could press the jewels out. My movement is gold/copper coloured so I couldn't use the bridges directly. The 2451 is an 18000 I think.
  15. No, there is no driving wheel. Someone in the past must have replaced it with the wrong part - no wonder I had such trouble fitting it as it shouldn't be there! I will need to find the correct part. I am still faced with the problem of replacing the jewel though.