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  1. Hi Madchops, I too am pretty new and learning more everyday, the first watch I repaired was a Seiko 6119-6400 and on completion I was like a dog with two tails, I really felt that I had achieved something worthwhile and now I am fully addicted LOL. In truth I wouldn't have been able to do it without the help and guidance of the "Watch repair forum" and it's knowledgeable members. Best regards. Johnnie
  2. Anilv, crystal is not very good, appears to have been burnt or scorched and so I would like to change it if I can obtain one? Not sure best place to look so will Google it and see what comes up. Anyway here are some photos. Best regards Johnnie
  3. Hi Digginstony, thanks for your info. Will put photo of movement on here shortly. It is running and keeping excellent time but it is caked in dirt and grime around the crowns. Best regards Johnnie
  4. Brilliant, love to see more like that. Being a total beginner I found it very helpful. A picture is worth a thousand words. Thank you Rob. Regards Johnnie
  5. Hi Rogart63, Sorry for late reply, I did reply but forgot to click submit reply (had a senior moment) I seem to be getting them more often of late!!!! Yes I think you are right about the dial and it not being an ideal movement for a beginner.. I didn't know what movement it had until I opened it up. Thanks for the link, very useful. Will read up as much as possible before I touch it. Best wishes. Johnnie
  6. Hi Anilv, thanks for replying and the information (much needed) as I could write all my watch repair knowledge on the back of a postal stamp. The balance wheel moves freely when I use a puffer on it, so I am hoping that there isn't too much wrong with it? When your knowledge is as limited as mine is you can't always spot what is wrong unless it is obvious, but hopefully with time and more reading and practice I will become more competent. As I disassemble the movement I will take a photo every time I remove a part that way I will at least I will know where all the pieces go! Thanks again Anilv best wishes. Johnnie
  7. Hi all, I find the people on this forum are really helpful and knowledgeable and every question I have asked has been answered within 24hrs. I always try and reply to everyone and I hope I haven't missed anyone and if I have missed anyone, thank you. Johnnie
  8. Hi Ry. Two mainsprings well that's a one in two chance of making a pigs ear of it LOL. I will try and read up on this movement before I touch it. Will Google it and see if anything useful comes up about it. Best wishes Johnnie
  9. Hello one and all, the postman arrived yesterday bringing me this watch! Being pretty new here and of very little experience I thought the I would run it past you all for advice and opinions. It is quiet a small watch measuring a tad under 30mm without the crown. Looking at the movement it says "twin power" and when you try to wind it, it feels locked up or as I used to say before joining this forum "overwound" any advice gratefully received. Johnnie
  10. Awwww thank you Dadistic, I hope it will clean up well? It's a big heavy old beast and the more I look at it the more I like it. Thank you very much for your opinion. Best regards. Johnnie
  11. A very nice collection of watches, enjoy them.
  12. Hi all, I thought I would show my latest acquisition namely an Orient king Diver. I know nothing about these watches and hope I have not made a massive boo boo or overpaid? Bought off eBay (£50.40) Inc delivery. It's running well but is looking it's age.
  13. I have learnt over the years, "buy cheap, buy twice" or as my wise old Nan used to say " I am not rich enough to buy cheap" so I guess you get what you pay for.
  14. I have a Henry hoover, I take the dust bag out and hoover up. No searching through dust and rubbish the part is sitting there at the bottom of the dust bowl.