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  1. Ry, your guidance worked a treat, rebuilt the movement as you suggested, thankyou. I will PM for more discussion if thats ok, thanks
  2. Thank you so much, i will give this a go
  3. Hi, please can you help with some advice about replacing the wheel, i pulled off in my haste? i am still learning on my very first few movements, the ST6 movement was delivered from Cousins, and i attempted to pull off the 'mini hand', but succeeded in extracting the wheel, Noobie error i now know. i assume i now have to start to strip the calender movement to get to a point to where the wheel can be replaced, then rebuild? i read that there is also some form of friction to do with the wheel? Man thanks
  4. hi, many thanks for the prompt response, yes i do and will take a look and order, thankyou
  5. Hi all, Embarrassing beginners’ problem.! Whilst replacing the battery and using a press to fasten the back plate onto a watch, I have broken the crystal…(was rushing, will use concave piece properly next time!) The watch is an Emporio Armani AR2041. My problem is I cannot find the correct part number/specification for the crystal on the internet anywhere, (and thus the dimensions and thickness etc,), or do I take the pieces and measure them, to reorder from Cousins? I assume it will be a mineral domed that is required? Any help would be appreciated, many thanks
  6. wls1971 , will do, thanks a million, real helpful,
  7. Hi, I am relatively new on this site and i am trying to identify this movement. can anyone help or direct me as to where i can find out the reference? Many thanks
  8. well chaps , you were all right. The watch bug got hold.... been reading the forums, got books for xmas, including the cooksey book, purchased 2 broken pocket watches and fixed them, acquiring tools now, this site is superb for learning/training - thank you Mark recently met a local 50yr + experienced watch repairman which is invaluable. Frightened now the watch collection starts....
  9. Ha ha it's a learning thing! Thankyou guys seems so obvious now. Will try that . Thanks so much Liking this forum. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. hi jguitron, ok wont force it, and wont heat it, picture below. Hi ricardopamino, thx for the help, does photo help? guys photo,below, its the wheel at the bottom, part of keyless works? i dont believe it perches on top of the 'spindle', (for want of a better word), i believe it should slide down the spindle?? maybe i am wrong. thanks again.
  11. hi newbie question, stripped down my first movement, an as 1900, using mark's video. the setting wheel came off ok, but for some reason it wont go back on, as i am rebuilding for practice tempted to warm it up a little, as i have basic tools and no broaches etc yet. any thoughts? many thx
  12. Hello all, Got bitten by the watch repair bug only very recently, so essentially a complete beginner. reading the books, collecting the tools and playing with some basic movements. will be using this site extensively , me thinks. Quick question - where would i find a document/book/website describing all possible watch models and makes, so i can start to recognise watch types better? (I dont mean the tech sheets as i have founf those, thanks) Many thanks