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  1. It looks like the coils of the spring are touching in the last photo. If they are you need to do some more tweaking on the hairspring.
  2. Nice, I can't tell from the photo is it a cylinder escapement?
  3. RiteTime got back to me and they are still selling their books and they have published several more that I was not aware about. This weekend will need to have a closer look and decide which one or two to buy. For those interested I've attached the PDF list of all their books for sale, they range between £25 and £30 each, if anyone is interested in buying some contact them to get the price guide. RiteTime WEB Catalogue 1213.pdf
  4. Just to throw another spanner in the works I believe that both Elgin and Waltham made there own threads that did not comply with any other standard so watch repairers had to buy the screws and dies / taps directly from Waltham or Elgin. This is why on the odd occasion when you see Waltham or Elgin taps appear for sale they go for large sums of money as they are now so rare
  5. Also make sure you have put the spring in the barrel the correct way so it will engage with the hook on the arbor. It's an easy mistake to put it in the wrong way, something I have been guilty of doing in the past........
  6. What watches do you usually work one? For Amercian made watches pre 1950 try and find yourself a copy of the 'Illustrated Manual of Amercian Watch Movements' by the E & J Swigart Co. They turn up regulary on ebay US and it lists all the screw sizes used in Elgin and Waltham movements plus some other American movements which is very useful for working up what size screw you need for these watches.
  7. Here is a website that lists all the books he made and photos of the clocks from his construction books
  8. I'm pretty sure I tried contacting them some time ago via the website and got no response, but I've just sent another message. The ones available on abebooks are generally his more common ones and are mostly being sold for above the price to buy them new.. I already own the following books of his How to repair antique clocks Volume 1 How to repair antique clocks Volume 2 Tools for the Clockmaker and Repairer (I've made a several of the tools from this book) Using the Small Lathe How to make a Simple 16th Century Clock (Currently I have made about 30% of this clock) How to Make an English Regulator Clock How to make a weight driven 8-Day Wall clock (updated version)
  9. Some time ago I bought several of John Wilding's books on clock repairs and a couple on making clocks. Most I bought directly from John via his Ritetime Publishing website. I know a couple can be purchased from Camden books, but many more as far as I'm aware were only available via his website, which although is still up hasn't listed any books for sale for some time. Does anyone know if they are available anywhere else, as I feel the need to buy a couple more? Or is secondhand on ebay the only way to get them now?
  10. All I can say is keep looking and don't restrict your searches just to ebay UK, also look on ebay IS, ebay Australia and ebay Germany is you can find the German translation for the tool you want, just be aware not all ebay sellers in Germany accept paypal and watch out for crazy shipping prices from the USA via the global shipping program. As long as you have patience you will eventually find them for a price you are happy with. I look almost every day on ebay AU, USA and UK and have manged to get some great bargains by been lucky enough to be the first person to see a tool listed with a great BIN. I picked up a boxed near new set of 6 Bergeon clone main spring winders out of Queensland a few months back for $150 (£90). I usually own win 1 in 8 to 10 items that I bid on, but then I never overpay on the items.
  11. Is it the original center wheel, or was it replaced by someone with something that was close to fitting?
  12. I've heard putting them in water with a denture cleaning tablet over night works well as long as all the lettering went on as part of the original enameling process, not painted on after. Cracks will still be there but the dirt in the crack will be gone making it show up less.
  13. I'm only providing two pictures here as I promised my lecturer where I am learning to repair watches I would post an article about how he repaired this circa 1785 English Verge Pocket watch on the school Facebook page, but I'm seeking some extra information that I'm hoping someone here will know. William Frodsham 1728 to 1807 started a long ling of distinguished watch and clock makers and the company is still in business today which is who this movement is made by. This particular movement I'm estimating was made around 1785 judging by the hands and the serial number on the movement (Hands are Recordon Style) and serial number is 3068 with a diamond end cap on the balance. It was recased in silver in 1867 / 68, but would I be correct in saying it would of originally had a gold case? Sorry can't show more photos as I have to save them for my post on my school Facebook page. No its unfortunately not my watch......
  14. Don't worry I've got a few clocks in the post and a few more waiting for me to start on. Over the coming months I plan to ask questions about early 20th century French carriage clocks, Kundo anniversary clocks, US Navy Seth Thomas deck clocks, National time recorder clocks and if I get to them Russian military clocks too. Yes I do have far more clocks waiting for me to get to than is healthy. I would like to say to other members feeling disheartened about not getting replys from original posters take heart in the fact that many other people read your posts too and your post probably ends up helping several other people too that may not even be members of the forum, you may never know it, but your post has helped spread knowledge
  15. Yes we need a photo. I'm assuming you can see the hinge on the case and its not a screw off back.