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  1. Well that didn't go well! i removed the stud, but as I straightened the spring it broke near where it was secured by the pin (it was very bent/ damaged). So I am back to square one, as i have pretty much the same length of hairspring as before I started. i have just bought another identical clock on ebay, so it will be interesting to see what the hairspring is like on this one!
  2. Thank you gents I am going to move the pinning point of the stud on the spring, to extent the effective length of the hairspring a little, but I get the feeling it won't be sufficient, if this does not work I really don't know what else to do, and would strongly suspect an incorrect hairspring. @ Oldhippy, the hairspring does "bounce" as you say and makes contact as it should, throughout the regulator range when the boot is closed. It is only when I open the boot fully that I get no contact on either side (At the beginning of the range of the regulator) - And the fact that the movement still runs fast despite no contact of the hairspring whatsoever with the regulator pin / boot is puzzling me: it is effectively running with the full length of the hairspring (and should be very slow) Thank you very much for your advice! I shall report back!
  3. When it happens to me I am just thankful if the lost part is still available for sale!
  4. Hi all I am working on clock with a small ABEC/ SMITHS platform escapement. It had a broken balance staff, which I have now replaced. I also fully stripped the movement, cleaned it, reassembled and lubricated it. Now the movement seems to run reasonably well in terms of amplitude and beat error, but it is very fast, even with the regulator finger in the beginning of its range (several minutes a day.) I spent a lot of time observing the escapement, and can confirm that: - the escapement is not magnetised. - the hairspring is true is and not fouling with anything - the hairspring coils looks to be in good shape, with no contact between the coil. It is clean and the coils are not sticking together. So I am at a loss to see what the issue is! I noticed that if I open the regulator boot, so that neither the pin nor the boot touch the hairspring at all, then the clock runs about right (still about 10/15 sec fast). All I can think of is that the balance is fitted with an incorrect hairspring? Is there anything else I should be looking at? Thank you very much in advance
  5. It's much nicer to work with the hard copy!
  6. You are probably already aware, but just in case you are not, you can download the incabloc catalogue "by factory" on the cousinsuk website. https://www.cousinsuk.com/document/search?SearchString=Incabloc but i quite agree it would be lovely to have a hard copy!
  7. Yes that's a good tip, a large polybag with small holes for the tweezers works well
  8. Yes, i can second that, i bought a pre-owned copy a couple of months ago, the latest edition for around £15, and there were quite a few around at that price on both ebay and amazon
  9. If the 3 parts you circled are in one unit, i would separate the bottom two (chaton and jewel) from the top one (spring) place the chaton and jewel assembly on the balance cock in the hole. It is easier to do that with the balance cock installed in the movement. The assembly should fit nicely on top of the balance staff., with the pivot going into the chaton. then lock the assembly in place with the spring. Be careful, the spring will ping at any opportunity! It may be prudent to locate the spring on the chaton/jewel assembly using rodico to avoid losing it. Then you just need a steady hand to rotage the spring into place, i use 2 pairs of tweezers, or one pair and a sharp pegwood. There are 3 "arms" on the spring, they all need to go into the groove in the cock which is located around the chaton/ jewel assembly. i usually insert 1 arm when i place the spring on the assembly, and then rotate the spring to fit the other 2 arms in the channel, pushing gently on the arm i want to fit in the channel whilst rotating the spring. hopefully i have interpreted your question correctly and the above is of help! good luck with it
  10. I find the best way to find a lost part is to order the replacement. I usually find the lost part very shortly after!
  11. Very interesting (and I also really like the use of the zippo lighter!)
  12. I use this and find it excellent - the edge of the blade is quite blunt, so it reduces the risk of injury, but it is good enough to open most cases (especially if there is a groove/ recess) - You could always sharpen it anyway but I found it was perfectly fine as is.
  13. I'd be interested to hear your feedback when you get yours as I am planning to buy one of those myself! cheers
  14. I bought this a few weeks ago and found it extremely useful to test the winding ability on autos, and also provide "real life" timekeeping data as mentioned above. mine has needed threadlock on every nut, and I was already planning on filing a channel on each holder, it looks like I'd better do that sooner rather than later!
  15. I believe that Bergeon no longer supply the spares on this model, and it is not exactly the same design as the 5555-98, so it could prove tricky to service it / change gaskets in the future