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  1. I am 100% sure as the drawing is not that clear but looking at my "bestfit" book it could be caliber 922. There is no caliber 416.9.
  2. A very nice machine indeed. However you will have to do a lot of repairs to get a return.
  3. I had a similar experience with a customer who kept magnetising her watch. I found that she had a magnetic bracelet and was wearing it on the same wrist as the watch. It took a few weeks before I resolved this issue. The other issue to be aware of is how the customer wears the watch. Some wear the watch with the crown facing away from the hand some even wear it on the reverse side of the wrist. This knowledge is useful when regulating the watch i.e. getting the best setting for how they will use/wear the watch.
  4. Don,t understand your question I found this " The date is altered by winding the hands forwards and the day of the week is altered by winding the hands backwards " so I presume it is correct until a 28 day month etc then you have to make the appropriate adjustment.
  5. Solder would be my option to try. Or a new movement as it does not look like a high end movement.
  6. I am aware of these but have never encountered one to repair. Personally I would not touch one.
  7. Without the tech drawings showing the part dimensions or the moments to compare it is not possible to be 100% certain. My suggestion is to find a donor movement.
  8. I have seen these repairers marks many times normally on vintage watches. I personally don,t do this when servicing a watch but I think it was a tradition just to give the next watchmaker/repairer an indication of when it was last serviced.
  9. I have not seen one of these before but most pocket watches the crown has to be fully in the out position. Then the movement will come out through the front & I suspect that lever/clip you have highlighted is the release. However I found this youtube vid which shows it could be a snap back.
  10. Looking at Cousins a reference NO is the answer. The balance complete offered are different. Your best way forward is to find a donor movement. There are few balance complete for sale on eBay see below:
  11. I was pointing out the fact that when the issue has been resolved a 250 deg amplitude is acceptable for a Seiko. I personally would not leave it alone until the issue was resolved.
  12. From experience I have found, and stated before on the forum Seiko,s tend to have a low amplitude for some reason. Getting 250 deg,s is good for a Seiko and they run just fine.
  13. When I searched Cousins for a Cal 27 mainspring it gave GR 3515 which is the same as the GR book suggests. If it was me thats what I would go with because it is longer so you will get a better standby time.
  14. Using my "General Resorts" ref: book spring is GR3515 Cal. 27 1.35 x 10.5 x 0.12 x 340mm ⦱10 HOWEVER there are many cal 27,s listed but followed by a letter so be absolutely sure it is just a cal. 27 IE Cal 27 M spring is GR3338 Cal. 27 M 1.35 x 10.5 x 0.13 x 320mm ⦱10.5
  15. I found this site useful but still find it confusing. I presume using the hands styles is not a reliable method.