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  1. When the pallet is moved & the escape wheel turns then there is some power in the train of wheels. Strange that the barrel is not unwinding when the click is released. Perhaps the spring is not fully winding in the barrel and slipping before fully wound.
  2. I am sure that would be fine. I have added a couple of PDF,s which will really get you confused.The moebius specs pdf is handy when comparing like for like. I personally like the HP range of lubricants but everyone to there own preference. 2_Oil_Chart.pdf moebius-specsbook.pdf
  3. If so the same problem. For help we need to know what movement it is.
  4. Identifying the movement might help. There is a Citizen 8110 which is a chronograph auto. If it is this movement then the parts are indeed obsolete. As Geo suggests the movement needs to removed partly at least stripped to identify the fault. The issue for a watchmaker is when stripped and a part needs replacing but is not available he still needs paying for his time.
  5. If you use the search facility there a few posts on this subject. For me if you use 9010 & D5 in the usual places & braking grease for the barrel you won,t be far wrong. Lubricants always seems to cause raised blood pressures amongst horologists with many,many different opinions.
  6. If it is the 2451 this is it,s PDF. 1043_ETA 2450, 2451, 2453.pdf To change the jewel you will need you measure the old jewel. A jeweling tool would also be best for accurate fitting.
  7. If is like the L&R complete clean including drying 15mins.
  8. I do have one of those case back openers but must be honest I don't get on with it too well. Do you sharpen up the little blades before using? The problem I have is that the watch always seems to want to 'Pop Up' as I try to open the case despite pressing hard downwards on it. Perhaps its a technique that I have yet to master.

  9. This is one area where a good microscope on your worktop really helps. Your be surprised how much you will see with big magnification. This is not my microscope but is the sort I believe should be considered because you have room to manipulate/fiddle while under the scope.
  10. If it is the same method as the 7750 you have to keep the pusher in when fitting the hand. This is best achieved by using a dedicated movement holder such as these.
  11. Getting magnification correct is a case of experimentation. I tried many methods & for me the best was individual strength eye loupes. I have an optimiser but I only use it for clocks. My eyesight is not good & for inspecting jewels/pivots & fitting shock springs etc I have a binocular microscope which is on my work bench.
  12. Now and again you come across a real tight one. I purchased this tool and only use it with the tight one's but it works a treat. There are other styles but this works for me To re-fit a tight case back or bezel you really need a case/crystal press. I prefer the screw style as these give more control.
  13. If this is the watch then it is clearly a screw back case.