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  1. Hi

    Welcome Hilts, Unless you have some experience with servicing watches I would first attempt a less prestigious and valuable watch before the Omega. It can go terribly wrong very easily. Enjoy the forum.
  2. Any of the moderators can delete posts or edit them. If you do for example a double post just PM one of the moderators & they will delete it.
  3. I must say I have sold many items on the Bay with no problems, perhaps I have been lucky. Some of you guys say you sell via your shops are they online shops & if so how are you setting them up. Just that after reading all this negative posts I am getting a bit twitchy about selling on the Bay in future.
  4. i have never re-pivoted & have been outbid several times trying to purchase one of these tools the guy uses during the first stage of a re-pivot. A good fix to have in your armoury if no parts are available.
  5. I have had a few issues with Paypal over the years but I have never come across "over drafting" I am still not sure what it is. I have had buyers claim that they did not receive the item However because I sent the items by to be "signed for" I won the cases because I had proof of delivery. In this case the buyer claims the item was not as described. Therefore the seller has to either prove to eBay that the item was exactly as described or offer a full re-fund ON RETURN OF THE ITEM. If the seller receives nothing then there should be no re-fund. An important point to be made is trading on eBay still carries the same trading regulations as all other traders in the UK have to abide by. I have seen many times NO RETURNS by sellers and I personally avoid them. Why ? because it raises suspicions about the item being sold and a absolute NO RETURNS is against the UK trading standards act. As I understand it, you can have a returns policy but you can not impose a absolutely NO returns. See below for the UK rules & what return guide policy you can offer your customers. If eBay has a fault is it allows sellers to suggest they can have an absolutely NO RETURNS policy.
  6. Good useful info Marc. The only way to be really sure is measure the old balance & see if the same measurements apply to the 6600/430.
  7. OK getting the balance is the challenge. If the staff is the same as cal. 6600 or 430 then the staff can be purchased from the link below.. I might have one in my own stock.!!!!! My "bestfit" book does not show the 6664. So I suggest use the measurements shown @ the balancestaffs site for the 430 to see if it is the one required. or
  8. I think it is a FEF 6664. I say think because these style of movements look very similar to each other. To be certain you need to take measurements of the movement & also take what measurement if you can of the old balance staff. to do your own research use this
  9. If the crown can be used to adjust the hands but not wind in the winding position then the mainspring is most likely already fully wound. There will be a fault stopping the watch running & the owner has just wound it fully trying to get it to run. I have attached the 1700 parts sheet probably the same as you already have, AS 1700.pdf
  10. Cousins have many Oris caliber parts sheets available but not specifically the 380. However i noticed many of the 380 parts are comparable with other Oris calibers.
  11. If it is a 6309 maybe just a new case would be the easiest answer see below:
  12. You can replace them with brass bushings but also I have seen them being replaced with normal jewels (I think I see a Vid where Mark replaces a centre wheel bushing with a jewell setting) To state the obvious a jeweling tool & the appropriate reamers are required for this job.
  13. An amplitude of 230 is really not bad and the watch will run fine. Over-oiling the pallets could be an issue but I would let it run for a week or two to see how the watch performs.
  14. JDM is just giving good sensible advice. The best way to learn is by practice for sure but if the repairer is not comfortable in removing a dial then leave alone until more competent & confident.
  15. Welcome Moises, Hope you enjoy the forum.