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  1. I don,t think cocktail sticks are good idea.They tend to break off at their tip which is a pain when inside a jewel. I recommend pegwood
  2. I have repaired & worked on many 400 day clocks and personally I like them. I like them because they will not run unless every part being spot on and if set up correctly they will run for a year on one wind. The beat has to be correct which is altered by twisting the suspension springs holder around. The balls should travel exactly the same distance in both directions. Another fault is if the suspension spring has the slightest kink it will not run. Also over a longer period if you have the wrong strength of suspension spring it is impossible to get it clock regulated. Finally the clock must be absolutely level and this is a simple process made by adjusting the clock feet and making sure the bottom of the pendulum is in the middle of the lower cup. I have added a vid by a guy showing the regulation of a 400 day and link showing how to adjust the beat.
  3. This is a problem how do we compare without a expensive exercise. My advice is avoid Chinese with the more expensive tools.
  4. I am no IT expert but some here are. Normally a triangle is showing that it is a unrecognised file or file format i.e. you should use jpeg images. Is the Samsung a mobile some here will know how to use. This conversation is drifting into an area of chat so any conversation re PC, s etc should be in the "Chat section"
  5. I am not familiar with a Samsung but I presume you just attach pics via this which is at the bottom when creating a post. Drag files here to attach, or choose files...
  6. It is pricy but is a great bit of kit & it works every time. Once you have purchased the dies thats it they will last a life time.
  7. I have never come across this make and I suspect most members on this forum are the same. Personally unless you are anticipating servicing a lot of Breitling watches then it is a big outlay. I purchased a similar tool for Rolex watches and it did not work and slipped under pressure. In my opinion it would be better to purchase a horotec case removing tool and just purchase the dies as and when you need them. I purchased this tool and have just added as and when needed. Some of the dies I have only used once.
  8. I use one of these when assembling but could be used sharpened for the jewel cleaning.
  9. A smoothing broach is not a good idea you could easerly cause damage to the jewel. A good soak in one-dip / lighter fuel and sharp peg wood should do the trick.
  10. Welcome Bill, Lots here for you and there are many posts on Seiko's. Enjoy the forum.
  11. The two part Araldite that comes in a twin tube should be OK. It sets quickly but stays tacky for a long while before hardening.
  12. I worked in Burton-on-Trent for a few years (approx. 40 years ago) and I am sure although the trade name Worthington is still used it was merged with Bass. I worked at weekends in Basses social club to earn extra cash and many types of mechanise for promotion were up for grabs. These promotional items were normally given away to clubs, pub landlords etc.Many items are produced such as ties, glasses,presentation cases of beer (i had a few of these !!!!) & watches which I am sure would have been why this watch was made.
  13. Can to attach with a normal hairspring pin. If so it's much easier than messing with glue.
  14. Welcome Mike enjoy the forum. Lots here for all levels of horology. Enjoy.
  15. Unfortunately fitting a bezel that is not a genuine Rolex will dramatically devalue the watch. Any keen Rolex collector or jeweller will spot the difference as the copies do not fit correctly. Much the same as fitting generic crystals, the genuine Rolex crystals have a laser engraved Rolex crown at 6 o,clock that can only be seen with a Led light & loupe. Rolex will not service any Rolex if it finds a part that is not genuine without re-fitting the watch with the correct part. Annoying I know but this is how Rolex protects its product. See link for the genuine Rolex authenticities