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  1. The hacking lever should be under the clutch lever.
  2. In this movement the 4th wheel is touched by the stopping lever.
  3. Maybe You can just unscrew some adjustments screws on the balance a bit which will increase the inertia. But You have to poise it again. I dont know how much change this does. Might be not enough.
  4. Perfect watch adjusting is really time-consuming. As SturatBaker104 suggested starting with that book is a good way. One can only regulate the watch effectively with the regulator arm if the watch is in perfect condition otherwise. Moreover, adjustment start at the mainspring
  5. Much better than my first trials Keep practicing and improving Your gravers
  6. For me putting the hacking lever back in the correct position was a bit hard. As i remember there is enough room to put it back in the wrong order. I had to understand how it works and then it was all clear how to reassemble. The movement is meant to be simple so the plate holding the hacking lever has multiple roles. You should also reassemble the setting mechanism with the stem in place. Keep trying!
  7. Could You replace the missing regulator pin? The end curve seems still distorted from here
  8. Thats nice! I still dont know what my grail watch would be
  9. WoS has everything one would need. No need for a preamp. Just a simple piezo and accompanied with software frequency filtering is perfect. Although, a simple preamp wont hurt.
  10. 9 of 10 of these watches had non-efficient winding mechanism. The weight is to small. But they are a cheap enough to practice with
  11. Thank You! I will try it for sure!
  12. Yes it is cheap chinese standard movement with some complications. The rotor weight has a center screw, it should come out. But You can also go with the two small screws, the bearing wont fall out. The weight is usually to light to be efficient. The interesting part would be the sub-second function, how they did it. I have not seen such complication on this type of movement yet. But according the pictures it must be a simple extension of the second wheel.
  13. What is the movement?
  14. From the album Bluing screws

    Not perfect but will give it a try.