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  1. brooch or drill. it would be good to know how it was originally installed. the new one should be silver soldered in. vinn
  2. welcome to the forum
  3. the mvt. is not marked, silver case is marked J.T. Cooper, London, 1551 and " four jewels".
  4. the good thing about collecting "older, non electric" watches, is learn to service them yourself. good luck
  5. welcome to the forum. "servicing payment": for "a fiver", you can email your "clock project" pix. into the forums' gallery. step one, on learning "how to clean a clock" ! step two would be to transfer the pix. to your posting. cheers - vin
  6. welcome to the forum. sometimes its it's hard to decide which watches are worth fixing. good luck, vinn
  7. welcome to the forum, its a fine hobby, vin
  8. two piece (split) defiantly requires leverage. I use tweezers under the crown for the slight more leverage, if the 2 pieces are rusted together - use penetrating oil and heat. a well worn 2 piece stem comes apart too easly. vin
  9. hang in there Roy! you don't need to know it all, deligate the job to a watchmaker and then you will know. for example; there is more to screws and nuts than just SIZE. several types of FITS (thread clearance - tight or loose) - etc.. cheers vin
  10. Yes the "machinery handbook" also has "metric threads" and "whitworth" if you are working on a Brit bicycle or an early M.G.. vin
  11. welcome to the forum. " a picture is worth a thousand words". vin
  12. "in the old days" the hobbyist, would go to the local library first for an answer, a machinist would go to the tech. manual. why in the heck, can't these kids use the internet? vin
  13. all joking aside, it is a deep subject, not a simple answer?