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  1. 'the mericle of windex" i'll try it.
  2. right you are mate, a cheep watch, but don't give up yet, there are lots of good watches out there
  3. I have had similar experience selling used cars to "knot heads" and "remorsefull buyers". getting back to watches, I have a Movado and a nevia grechen that probably have the same mvt.. both my favorites, lose some time and should be serviced. But, here is the "tire kicker"; just bought a ditual microscope camera for watch work. it failed in 1 hour ! I am expecting a replacement (not my money back). when will we get quality equipment again ?? as Mao said; "be happy in your work". later vinn
  4. the stem is held in place by a collet - much like a pocket watch. if the stem is too long or is rusted in place - the mvt. wount come out. just like a pocket watch. I suggest applying penetrating oil to the stem and wait for it to work. good luck. vinn
  5. another job well done
  6. sharpening a screwdriver on a flat stone makes a wedge, a wedge will spread the screw slot. or a wedge shaped driver can snap off half the screw head. (have you seen any watch screws with half a head? I have. the screw driver head should reach the bottom of the slot. enough for now, vinn.
  7. Johnnie; Le Carl wrote a book on "watch repairing' - old, basic but very good. ( one of many good picture books). vin
  8. I have found, when ever stem is removed. insert a stem or rod to keep those gears aligned while you work.
  9. are these a modern version of the " Shotz rotary pendulum" clock?
  10. welcome Joerg; those automatic watches can be a real problem. I have a few that will wind with the stem or the "rotor". in any event, it is good to know how to repair them. cheers, vinn
  11. welcome Ted; I see you got good tech info from the forum already. vinn
  12. good job ! I use one of that type and one even older. the older one puts out a much stronger field. i'll enter photos in the gallery. vinn
  13. I am going to try the "digital microscope". once the image is on the computer, it can be studied or emailed off. vinn
  14. thanks,i like this. vinn
  15. how was the quality of the dueber cases ? they put the name too close to hamilton (sp).