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  1. Fortunately, there are no restrictions on what a hobby must cost :-) naaaaa
  2. If you live in LA or the area around, so there is a Greiner ACS900 on sale for only $2,700,- I know very well that it is a great deal of money, but it is only 1/3 of what a new one costs (Cousins 10.300,- USD) and it seems to be entirely new ... I'm considering the even in spite of expensive shipping and customs ... but unfortunately, it must be 115V AC, it is not the voltage that can be found in LA and US in general?
  3. Thanks. It seems that they have both size and types....
  4. I have gotten hold on a Elma Star vibrograf. Does anyone know if you can still buy paper and carbon for this machine?
  5. Yes, 11,81 GBP for the same at cousins including VAT and shipping from UK to Denmark... The bay one 31,98 GBP shocking...
  6. It makes sense, it is very conceivable that the lift unit in some way may push the round table around in a mechanical way…..
  7. Thanks "Rafal" for repost the RM90 diagram Can anyone tell what doe's make the "turning disc" turn ? I see a motor for time that make the cyclus time. A motor for lifting the basket up and down. And finaly a motor for turning the cleaning basket. But what the h... make's the "turn table" turn ?? Have anyone have a look inside a RM90?
  8. Hi What is the Best light color for the watchmaker workshop, 2700K 3500K or ??? What do you think...
  9. Well i think i will save up some more money and have one like that.... there was one on auction at Fellows today it was sold for £1100 + 25% buyer's premium.... i think it's the price for one in good shape like yours
  10. The blue new one on eBay are in no way like a Elma Super Elite. They don't have the drive shaft running thrue the motor like the Elma. The finish are very poor and the basket's looks like sh.. If you think "it's good enough for my needs" so you're going to regret later. I'm sorry but i would rather have a good used Elma
  11. Great, how much did you have to pay out for this, if i may ask... perhaps you some day can make a little video showing how it works...
  12. Elma RM90 is on my wish list as well. Some of these machines have problems with the wire to the motor. You may be lucky and find one and maybe you can fix it ... It's such a machine with this mistake im looking for! RM 90 19$ repair >>> More about this problem >>> I've occasionally seen this elma at online auctions, I have seen them there at very fair price An old auction >>> Another old auction >>> I hope you get one some day... good luck
  13. Aha…. got it :-) Thanks for the good explanation and the fine videos
  14. I have seen these lapping machines before, but I can not quite figure out how it works so that it forms this beautiful sunburst pattern? Can you please show the principle of image , sketch, video , etc. Very fine result by the way!!
  15. You are right. Switch up enable winding the clock. Switch down enable time setting.