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  1. Please put a picture up of basket and holder you have ... it's a little hard to imagine how the one you are looking for should look like!!
  2. A slightly better illustration :-) I would place the thermostat on the side of the heat/drying chamber. As high as possible. First I would drill a hole, mount a 10mm. copper screw through the wall of the Chamber. It will direct the heat quickly to the thermostat. The thermostat would I attach with screws in the Chamber wall. Either with self-tapping or machine screws. I hope the idea makes sense ... see drawing below!
  3. 1. Yes, get the spring off.. cut or soldering 2. E10 230V 13mA is great!! 3. you can not just the klixon, just mount it somehow on the side of the heat chamber where it can be hidden! Hope this pic make sense ....
  4. Dont give up, you dont need that... if you can do that two wires then you can do the rest... find a 230V bulb and a 60 degree klixon-thermostat. there is a lot of them out there... follow this simple but useful diagram and it will work!!! You must fasten the klixon to the heating chamber you might need a 40 degree depending on where you can place it...
  5. strange... can you see if the heating element is 230V ??
  6. you can rewire using this, it's from a Elma super elite, but will works out fine... bulb must be 220 - 230V
  7. what voltage is the bulb? did you change or renew and of the wires? Do you have so soldering tools so you can rewire ?
  8. Here is what I would do! I would unplug it all and mount the engine horizontally on a work bench or other stable place. Then I would make a post/hand rest next to the motor shaft. I would then get/buy a turning tool/steel (or that the name is) and turn the motor shaft down to 8 mm. bit by bit ....
  9. You only need a brass bushing hole size 4mm. 8mm. diameter. then you need to drill the hole from 4 mm. to 4,7 or whatever the 2BA is. and then you need 2BA screw to fasten it !
  10. Okay now I understand. If you remove the basket frame bracket what do you get then? An engine shaft xx mm. or a thread? I believe that the spring in elma holder is propeller also, but I'm not sure. The solution you have come up with is probably not completely crazy since it only requires a bushing from the screw diameter to the 8 mm. that "elma" require. Brass should be fine enough for this!
  11. I will certainly recommend Horotec Swiss MSA 01,201-XX series. It has ball bearings, can be bought individually, so you can build up your set. but most importantly ... It is found in entirely 17 sizes. Sizes: Ø0.50, 0.60, 0.70, 0.80, 0.90, 1.00, 1.10, 1.20, 1,30, 1.40, 1.50, 1.60, 1.80, 2.00, 2.50, 3.00 & 3.50mm
  12. I don't know if I completely understand. It is not possible to take the entire basket holder off and then have created an adapter from xx to 8mm. (elma) ... ? Is it the thread to the old spring that is 2BA approx. 4, 7 mm. Or is it the thread on the motor shaft?
  13. Are there any of you who use a Elma Junior cleaning machine? I need some technical information and possibly. pictures or video of a working machine!
  14. I would try with a sewing machine motor,it can be adjusted right out of the box and is easy to mount on a plate or worktable. .... and soit is cheap, even from new! You might have to change the pulley! An alternative is to find a small standard 230V motor and mount it on a plate. It is also possible to use a small 3phase motor and then add a capacitor. The method also makes it easy to reverse with a toggle switch. If you choose the method so I will elaborate and throw a wiring diagram up!
  15. Hello. I know many of you are looking for tools on eBay. There are often cleaners and others for sale. However, I have found that searching for the German "eBay Kleinanzeige" can help you find a lot of things. Often they will not send, but if things have been for sale for some time, then they would often like to send to EU countries. There is a lot from Elma, Lorch and Boley ... Yesterday I bought an Elma Junior Cleaning Machine and right now there is an Elma Super Elite in good condition for sale for 120 Euro ... Just a tip eBay Kleinanzeige Germany >>>>>