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  1. I have only tested it. I'll probably do a review later, but for now it is my workshop that has first priority and the machine is packed away along with the rest of my tool. However, I can say that it seems to be built very solidly and to be able to keep for a long time. That is how it is with a great many things from the old DDR. The machine has four glass so there is a possibility of a clean or rinse more than on a Elma RM90 there is no heating element for drying, the air dry only. They are often find far cheaper than any other automatically cleans and then fills it quite a bit! You can see a similar in action here >>>
  2. Vacuuming is a fine method. Remember to mount a nylon stocking in one of the collections, so you will not have to go throughout the large bag through!
  3. A few days ago...
  4. The ultimate watchmaker vintage starter kit So we just lack that they find a box of Heuer "Bund" Watches
  5. To the workshop, today I have received this fine old cleaning machine from Germany. The machine is manufactured by VEB Elektromeschanik in Glashütte. The machine is a type of AUII and is fully automated. It is about 30 cm. In diameter and 52 cm. high. Weight approx. 30 kilos. The machine is from 1979 and the gray paint is intact everywhere. In addition to the complete holder and basket on the machine, 8 other curves included. Two of them also with holder. Although DHL and Post Norden have given it a massive transport, everything is all right and it seems like it's going to be! These machines are often sold at It also exists in a version that is not automatic!
  6. Unfortunately it is not possible right now. In the first place, I get a window to the West, later perhaps a narrow one facing north! Over time maybe a towards the East!
  7. I love mechanical things, not least the watches, clocks and other mechanical hardware. To be able to repair watches have been a wish in a really long time. Unfortunately I have not had a real place to practice and must recognize that doing it in the kitchen just cannot be reconciled with the family. That is why I am now going to remodel our 70 's garage into a workshop and hobby room for joy for me and the rest of the family. It is anyway too small for a modern car. The garage is at about 6.8 x 3 m. and there for approx. 20 square meters. The redevelopment will be extensive as i have to make heating and floor heating window and a small kitchenette. I am now almost finished clearing out the garage so that the work can begin. I will put up some pictures every now and then as the project progresses!
  8. I have read about an early fluid which you can put a movement in if it is very rusty. I've seen it on watchguyuk! I just can't find a post about this because it's several years ago. Does anyone have an idea of what it can be for a liquid that dissolves the screws and other things that are gone fixed?
  9. Hi I am very impressed with the beautiful videos like Mark and all you other put up in this forum ... thanks for that. But since I also am curious by nature, I would like to hear which setup is used to record these movies, since I also want to record some over time.
  10. Great work ... thanks for sharing of the film. What do you use to record movies with??
  11. Great... like that very much .... Do the speed control and the brass bushing work out as well ??
  12. If you look at the the Elma Super elite. Then the old ones have a heating element at 90W The newer ones has a heating element at 200w and therefore i think the need for thermostat is there. Elma Junior has a thermostat as well... I see no need for heating the cleaning liqued ... but here ti will do heat a little...
  13. Please note that Pearl Janta baskets and racks is that a substantial poorer quality than the original Elma. I have just sold a similar set for the same reason as I did not find it useful. I bought instead of a complete Elmaset set of Cousins A little hint! If you buy "basket complete" then you will have to pay 199,50 + vat. If you buy mount and Holder with baskets for themselves will be cheaper. Lid/holder R37669 27,95 GBP Baskets and holder C0386 109,95 GBP Total 137,90 + vat
  14. Please put a picture up of basket and holder you have ... it's a little hard to imagine how the one you are looking for should look like!!
  15. A slightly better illustration :-) I would place the thermostat on the side of the heat/drying chamber. As high as possible. First I would drill a hole, mount a 10mm. copper screw through the wall of the Chamber. It will direct the heat quickly to the thermostat. The thermostat would I attach with screws in the Chamber wall. Either with self-tapping or machine screws. I hope the idea makes sense ... see drawing below!