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  1. This is a good guide to crystals, all available from Gleave and Co.
  2. Is this the one, just took it out of packet to photograph it.
  3. I have posted the bridge off the 2452 and a 2824 with the hope you might be able to rob a jewel out of one of them that will fit. I have also put the friction wheel in from the 2452, it doesn't say it's comparable on that PDF sheet and might be a different train count but worth a compare whilst I was sending other bits, if it fits but it's a different height I have put the centre wheel and hour wheel in to match so you might get away with just altering the height of the hands if not too far off, but again check to see if wheels are the same. Just post back what you don't use when you are ready, no rush.
  4. Got a 2452 here in my graveyard, not sure if the bits off that are any good to you.
  5. If it's 18000 then the wheels defenatly won't fit from a 2824. Is there any way you could measure the pivot that goes into the cracked jewel and that's one measurement we could compare with jewel size.
  6. I was thinking more of the jewel possibly being the same size, I have an old bridge off a 2824 here I could send him if the jewel is the same size.
  7. Sent you a message, some pictures would be good, just had a look on google and it does look a very close family member to a 2824, I wonder if any wheels or parts would interchange with it. How many beats per hour is the 2451 calibre?
  8. Are you sure the pinion part hasn't just come away from the wheel and it should look like the part in the photo?
  9. If there is no centre seconds then I would just sit it on and push down with the back of my tweezers, make sure you oil/grease it first and put the minute wheel on after then you won't damage any teeth. One firm push should do it, are you sure it's not too slack and you are trying to push it on too far?
  10. I would firstly try to tighten the hand, DO NOT USE LOCTITE, if the loctite runs down the pivot it will stop the watch and cause no end of problems if it gets stuck in the pipe. If you can measure the diameter of the pivot I am sure a replacement will be available but may look different. I use a tool for collets to tighten hands but have used a worn pair of cheap cutters that have had bits chipped out of the blades cutting stems. I found if you can use one of the little notches in the damaged blade it works well and stops you nipping it too much and squashing the hands pipe too much.
  11. The negative connection on the circuit has been snapped off and the isolator is missing. Easy fix, undo the screws holding circuit board on, replace circuit board and fit a new isolator under connection on new circuit board. presuming everything else is ok with movement you won't have to remove anything else and can even be done whilst still in its case.
  12. This is a eta 955 112, slightly bigger than the 955 412 as suggested. also be aware these movements come in different heights, when exchanging the movement always check the hour wheels are the same height otherwise the hands will catch the glass or rub on the batons on the dial.
  13. I would be more concerned about it only being tested to 3 bar, this is what you would test a fashion watch to that doesn't have a screw down crown and only has a push on case back. I would take all of these readings with a pinch of salt, it's not a true test for a water resistant watch that should be tested to 10 bar, ideally it should be tested to +10 bar pressure and -0.9 vacuum. I personally prefer the vacuum tester, it seems to find more leaks because it's effectively trying to pull the case apart unlike a pressure test which squash's the case together effectively nipping the seals tighter. Rolex supply a vacuum tester for accrrdited workshops that tests to -0.9 bar and gives a good accurate test for most things apart from the deep sea and suchlike that needs a more specialist piece of kit. This is just my opinion.
  14. Might sound daft and have no idea of your expertise but have you fit the correct battery, many deville models take a 346 or 341 battery, I have seen many times where a 315 has been put in and damaged the battery connections and the back pushed on and the battery pushed into the movement, this not only twists or bends the movement it can also bend the dial. If this has happened in the past either the mainplate could be bent or possibly just the hands could be touching the bent dial. Is the battery insolator sat in correctly? Really need the calibre number off the movement to advise further, or even better some pictures!!
  15. The thing that's even more frustrating is it's likely to be someone in the trade that's done this to have had Rodico to do it with.