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  1. Hello Andy and welcome from me as well. Cheers, Vic
  2. Hello Pete, Welcome to the forum, Great place here to exume the "failures" and have another go with the assistance of the pro's in the forum. Cheers, Vic
  3. And Hello from me Rust, We amateurs / tinkerers get fantastic friendship and advice in this forum due to the expertise gained from members with many years in the trade, who unconditionally assist in times of difficulty. Great place and welcome. Cheers, Vic
  4. I think OH put his finger on it, I had this once with an old watch from the bay and it was quite literally completely dried out inside. Service it and check the spring out. Cheers, Vic
  5. Hello Rick, welcome from me as well. Looking forward to your postings. Cheers, Vic
  6. Hello f91man, I am just a tinkerer and hobbyist but here is my three penneth. The Bay has been kind to me for buying watches I was interested in but there have been a few horror stories in the forum from members who have had problems with a sale and even with a purchase there can be an unwelcome surprise. Buy it now prices can work but if you bid you have to ensure you don't get caught up in a bidding frenzy. A "sniper" is a useful tool. The Bay can be useful to get guide prices on similar watches to see what potential profit is in the item. I have had some luck in purchasing from auction houses and putting in low end bids have worked for me a few times. You have to build into the expense about £15.00 for postage and of course the buyers premium for the auction house as well this is good for higher end mechanicals. No matter which way you get your stock luck plays a big part and there may be dissapointments. In short you have to be "savvy" and think it through before you commit or the chance of making a loss will be ever present. Cheers, Vic
  7. Hello Davidsai, Welcome to the forum from a fellow tinkerer. Nice Hamilton! Cheers, Vic
  8. I rejected this request and sent a copy to Mark as a "ticket" because I thought it contravened forum rules and in effect was spam. For the first time with a "member" I have chosen to ignore the content. If Mark comes back granting approval I will review the posting but it does not seem to be anything I would be interested in. Vic
  9. Hello and welcome from me, Like OH and many others I am at the other end of the spectrum as regards age. I am someone that tinkers with watch repair for a hobby and the folks on this forum have helped me along the way. I am sure that you would get similar help. Cheers, Vic
  10. Hello and welcome from me as well. Cheers, Vic
  11. Hello AJ and welcome to the forum lovely friendly place with help and advice given freely. Enjoy! Cheers, Vic
  12. Hi!

    Hello Mark, Welcome to the forum, Cheers, Vic
  13. Hello Mike, Welcome to the forum. Cheers, Vic
  14. Greetings and welcome from me. the more members we get the greater the body of knowledge we have available to share. Cheers, Vic
  15. Hello Ray, Welcome from me as well. Like Dadistic infers the unusual ones are most interesting. Cheers, Vic