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  1. Lovely antique watch Will . Always like a Sub Second dial. I have always liked the Bulova watches and have a few working mechanicals I bought when in the USA on my to do list if I ever get round to doing them. Seems like being retired is more busy than being at work! All the bets, Vic
  2. Welcome Virus, You certainly have an incentive to get stuck in and I look forward to your postings. Cheers, Vic
  3. Oops, Sorry George, I stand erected, in all matters of probing I bow to your experience. Cheers, Vic
  4. Hello Vinn, I agree, the drivers must be sharpened to fit the slot but also finished off by flattenning the sharp end of the "Wedge" so that the flat part is in maximum contact with the bottom of the slot and the sides just about touching. It is a painstaking process that has to be done on each size of screwdriver. I have bought Bergeon replacement driver heads rather than do it myself as although I can do it, I am quite lazy though I do "dress my blades" which is not a major bit of work and you usually follow the original design of the blade. The Bergeon replacements are provided in the condition that I try to emulate when forced into adjusting a driver myself. Most of my instruction on such matters was gained from a book "PracticaI Watch Repair by "Donald de Carle" under " Essential Tools" I would never attempt hollow grinding on a small, say .5 mm or any small screwdriver, quite frankly think that reduction of the metal available would weaken the blade considerably. In fact to be honest, I have tried hollow grinding only once, on a 2 mm blade under magnification and life is too short. Having said all that I honestly believe that it is a personal decision and everyone should do what they want to do, if wrong decisions are made you soon realise and move on. Either way this forum is a great place for a frank friendly exchange of views that for an amateur tinkerer like myself has been really useful. Cheers, Vic
  5. Welcome from me as well, If you need help I am sure that once the problem with your watch is posted some advice will be given, the more info you can give on the problem the easier it is to help and there is a wealth of experience at all levels in the forum. Cheers, Vic
  6. Hello Abscess and welcome, Often looked at some of my dentists tools and thought they would be handy for repairs and cleaning. I know Geo has converted a high pressure water cleaner for watch cleaning. Cheers, Vic
  7. Hello Quinn, Welcome to the forum, great to have you here and if you need help I am sure you will get it here. look forward to some pics of your custom builds. Cheers, Vic
  8. Hello Joerg, welcome to the forum, look forward to your postings and pics. Cheers, Vic
  9. Hello Neileg, Thanks for the info. luckily in my kit now I have all three as well as a few spare cheapo 1mm taps that I was going to butcher but hopefully I will be ok. I am going to find out the exact threaded hole size before I start I may even need to drill it out a touch before the re tap. Cheers, Vic
  10. Hello Ted and welcome from me as well Cheers, Vic
  11. Just noticed whilst browsing the Crowns in the Cousins catalogue that they have their own standard for crown sizing. All references refer to the hundredths of a millimetre that is to say for their purposes Tap 7 is .7 mm, tap 8 is .8 mm etc so if I was ordering from them I would have to ask for Tap 10 to get a 1 mm stem. This seems to go against the standard (rather annoying) convention whereby I would have normally ordered a Tap 9 crown - puzzling. I sort of understand why they would do this but those of us that have the old standards in our head would have to be careful. Perhaps that has something to do with the original crown I got from them having the wrong thread. I am now wondering whether I will be able to tap out that old crown to a greater size and if there is in fact enough metal. I suppose I will find out soon ! May work with the help of Loctite. Cheers, Vic
  12. Thanks Clockboy, I think we go to the same place for info, As in the pic you posted the important info is 354805 that gives only one size for the stem ie 100/1000 or 1mm ie Tap 9. It seems that there is a reference for the stems actually from Seiko but so far I have seen nothing from them that designates tap 9 to a crown for the 4006, the actual part number is 55M22NS1, however Boley have this reference as well:- Brand Seiko Reference 6138-0020 Group Part No Description item no. crystal 340W14GN Glas Mineral XMD340811 340W14GN00 Glas XMD340811 crown 55M22NS1 98455M22NS1 bottom gasket DJ0160B 984DJ0160B others DJ0060B Crown Seal 984DJ0060B01 I note that this is for the 6138-0020 which is one of the Seiko Chronos, I am tempted to seek out a crown for this model and if it is only a few quid take a punt to see if it is tap 9 and whether it fits the tube etc. Cousins may have some dimensions in their catalogue. Cheers, Vic
  13. Just a query about the Seiko Bell-matic 4006-6011. does anyone know whether the 4006 of Bellmatics has a variation regarding the tap size of the stem. I am curious as I now have two crowns neither of which is tap size 9 and both of the crowns were supposed to be a fit. I was advised that the first crown had been supplied incorrectly and was refunded. However, I got a second crown reportedly to fit the 4006 series and it proved to be the wrong tap size as well. I have the original stem and a NOS stem both of which are tap 9 so I am going to either grind down a tap or obtain an M1 .25 bottoming tap to re -tap the crowns to sort the matter but I am curious to know if any members have any info on this. Cheers, Vic
  14. Hello Neil and a belated welcome from me, Bit wounded by what you said about Omegas but you might still be suffering the effects of being oot on the toon . It would be a pretty boring forum if we all liked the same stuff though so I hope you enjoy it here. Cheers, Vic
  15. Hello Bluestifford and welcome. Look forward to seeing those pics. Cheers, Vic