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  1. All I can advise is to buy good quality tweezers. The cheap ones are cheap for a reason.
  2. My cousin is a gunsmith. He uses all kinds of small tweezers; there's lots of small parts in a gun. I was was telling him about having problems with watch springs flying across the room and he said, "You too!?"
  3. I never thought to use brass for reassembly....good idea.
  4. Thank you very much for your detailed directions! I use a hollowed out piece of pegwood for Novodiac Springs as well. I've been told that the 'real' tool for the job is no better for the job and, in fact, the hollowed out pegwood works better. Thank you again Dave
  5. Not 'late for supper'?
  6. Well, it's very impressive!
  7. Kind of what I figured. At least it can't disappear as quickly as a Novodiac Spring - you just have to wait longer...LOL
  8. Cool! Can you get those small tools from Cousin's? Do they have a loop with cover - like for a welder...???
  9. How do you remove the larger spring? It looks like a Novodiac spring but it only has one opening in the cleat/lip/dag - or whatever - instead of 3. I was told that one uses a very small oxy-acetaline torch to cut each of the tabs off and then you use a small arc welder to put them on again. It's probably true too... Dave
  10. Wow! You replaced an impulse jewel!? I'm impressed!
  11. I was once told that a great compliment in Scotland is "'e ken 'e ken no't" - basically meaning "he knows he knows nothing."
  12. Where do you live and when are you out of the house...LOL That's $1000 or more anywhere for less stuff than you have there! Dave
  13. Hi entropy et al Interesting that this is a 7009A. Same Seiko I'm working on. I think I'll need to make a larger bend in the spring. It just won't turn the way it is now so I think there is side pressure. But, in any case, I broke the regulating pin so I'm waiting for a new balance cock replete with all the gizmos. The balance wheel and spring are brand new. Dave
  14. If I lie the balance cock upside down on the bench with the cock facing west the hairspring will swing freely when it is a smidgen north of the jewel assembly hole because at this point the spring is centred on the balance wheel. The HS isn't centred when the pivot is in the hole. It's almost as if the jewel assembly holes are off by 0.5mm. Very strange. Maybe I should break out the old ball peen...LOL Dave
  15. ...and hold your tongue in the right place...LOL