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  1. Hi Mark I plan to subscribe again. Is there a separate "Members" drop down menu? I can't remember one. If not, that might be a good idea. It would be a constant reminder of membership benefits with separate headings clearly defining what is available to subscribers. I seem to remember membership headings were placed at the bottom of the page. Anyway, that is my suggestion. Dave
  2. I lost the same Novodiac Spring 3 times and found it 3 times. It was in my glasses case the last time it went flying away. I used a magnet to find it. That spring may turn up yet. They hide in the darnedest places. Dave
  3. Hi I had subscribed at $25/month for a couple of months but I didn't see any real benefit to doing this. I think, at the very least, there should be a confirmation/welcome or some kind of monthly newsletters for subscribers - even if it's just a list of what you can do as subscribers. The only actual confirmation I got was from PayPal. Of course, I was able access places I had not been able to access before but I only found out this by accident one day. I guess I just didn't get anything out of it; my fault entirely in all likelihood. Dave
  4. You can always try picking up stuff with Rodico. Just make sure it doesn't get in somewhere it isn't wanted like cap jewel spring cleats, etc. Also, work very slowly and don't drink a lot of coffee. The plastic bag idea is fabulous! Dave
  5. Happy New Year and Gott Nytt År to our Swedish friends. My dad always said that if you say Got New Door is sounds like Happy New Year in Swedish. I always learn a lot here. Sometimes I don't understand the answers but it's always interesting. Dave
  6. Hi Guys Happy New Year! Anyway, I was moving the regulator pins the wrong way. When I asked my watchmaker friend he said, "So, you moved the regulator pins closer to the stud and it went faster and then you moved them even closer and it went even faster?! What, if anything, does that tell you?!" He just looked disgusted when I said, "I moved it the wrong way?" I'm glad I don't work for him. All the best in 2017. Dave
  7. Hi guys Thank you muchly for all this information. I will try moving the micro adjuster back to the centre and then move the regulator pins directly. John, your picture is exactly what I'm working with - except I have a Novodiac spring. Dave
  8. Hi I am having a problem slowing down my 6497-1. I've moved the fine regulator - both ways - there's no +/- on it so I was experimenting. I am wondering if I should move the hairspring stud a little to loosen the mainspring. It goes 5 minutes fast no matter what I do. It seems to keep time quite well for the first 12 hours so I guess it can just be set every morning. Other than that it works well. Any ideas? Dave
  9. Thank you, I won't try it. I'll clean one at a time so I don't get them mixed up. It's sort of like when my friend took all the wires off the spark plugs and asked me if it mattered where they went...
  10. Hi This is probably a very basic question but here it is anyway: Does it matter which jewel assembly goes where? Can you put the one on the balance cock on the bottom or vice versa? Don't ask me why I'm asking this... Thank you Dave
  11. Thank you all for the ideas. I'm not sure what a pivot drill is - I'll look in a catalogue. I probably need some kind of a staking took eventually... I'm cleaning another watch. The only way to do it is to clean off the grime and rinse - repeat until clean. No fun at all but, as my watchmaker friend says, "Who told you this is fun?" This stuff all looks so easy in the videos. Dave
  12. Thank you, Stuart. I may as well do it the rewarding way. I'll wait until my morning coffee wears off... Dave
  13. Should I bother trying to remove and install a broken regulator pin. It's the stationary one - not the one you rotate. It's on a Seiko 7009A movement. Dave
  14. Try Perrin's in Toronto. They have a large selection of parts. I believe the company is listed somewhere on this site; I can't remember where. Dave
  15. I am having a problem with the pallet lever/impulse jewel. I don't think the escape wheel lines up precisely with the jewels on the pallet lever. Everything works to the escape wheel, the balance assembly is new and balance wheel turns but it doesn't connect with the escape wheel via the pallet lever. Any ideas. I've examined until I'm cross-eyed and it all looks fine - nothing is upside down. Dave