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  1. Yeah, usually 2 or even 3 sometimes. These only have one. I'll post a photo as soon as I can next week. Thank you for your interest.
  2. It's a very small wrist watch movement. I'm going to get the movement back from the customer next week some time; I need to take a photo of it for the people at ETA as well. Thank you for your interest. I will post a photo as soon as I can. Dave
  3. Also, I hate to say it, but sometimes it's just not worth fixing. If it's a keepsake, just put it in a drawer somewhere and buy another watch. It can cost more than the watch is worth to fix it unless you can do it yourself; even that can cost quite a lot of money for parts. You can often buy an entire movement for what they want to charge for a balance wheel and hair spring. Dave
  4. Very possible. Unfortunately, there are quite a number of eventualities possible here. I came across one watch that had very hard built up corrosion on the centre wheel and it just couldn't move past that point. Dave
  5. If you mean that you can't set the time precisely - because they hands seem loose - it could be a loose cannon pinion. Just my 2 cents worth. Dave
  6. I have been working with 2 watches with chatons that hold jewels. I am not sure how to deal with them. Even so, I have loosened a couple of the 1 screw chaton screws to move over the spring and remove the jewel for cleaning. I'm reticent to remove the screws entirely. Any ideas? Dave
  7. I gave up on handicapping... It's a mechanical movement. I'm going to have another look at it this afternoon after I get it back from the customer. I got the little thing working again - I just have never come across an ETA movement like it.
  8. I don't like Guinness either. When I was a boy they gave me stout if I was 'poorly'...I think I equate that experience to the taste of Guinness.
  9. Why doesn't muscle memory work for golf?
  10. Anyone come across an ETA ADJ L105 movement on a watch? The movement is about 23 mm in diameter and a nice piece of work. It reminds me of a 6497-1 in many ways. There was no readable name on the watch. It's about 75 years old I think.
  11. I just had beer and french fries in honour of my Irish grandmother. When I was a kid and wouldn't fall asleep my grandmother used to tell me that the Banshee would come for me if I didn't go to sleep. For some odd reason that didn't work...
  12. Yup. Good thing I took a closer look.
  13. Using a magnet I've found Novodiac springs in my shirt pocket, my glasses case - when it is in my shirt pocket, on shelves near my work bench and in my hair. I've never found one on the floor; however, I've found other things on the floor. Once a newly-oiled end jewel ended up on my loop. I was wondering why things had a reddish tinge... O yes, and after you buy the part you lost you'll almost always find it... Dave
  14. The Watch Tuner Time Grapher gives Rate in seconds/day, Beat Error and Amplitude. It also graphs the sounds so you can see Beat Error and whether or not it is running fast or slow at a glance. If the watch is magnetized you can tell this at a glance as well because of the haphazard pattern. It's a green app with a white dial. I can't remember what it cost. Dave
  15. I use one called the Watch Tuner Timegrapher and it works well for me. I use it on my iPad Air with the earphone mic so it's portable easy to use.