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  1. Hi I have a Raketa 2628.H movement that needs a minute wheel. I have not been able to get one from any supply companies in Canada or the US. And the 2628.H movements on eBay never show the whole minute wheel so I hesitate to buy a movement with the same problem. Any ideas? Dave
  2. I think the screw may have been broken off at some point because it looks a bit ragged on the end. Plus the barrel arbour may have bad threads. Not sure. I need another setting spring but it's hard to find parts for an AS589; as you say, it's not a common movement. Dave
  3. The screw doesn't seem to be stripped or broken. Maybe it was at some point in the past. Dave
  4. Hi Guys The crown screw was definitely a LH - to tighten - screw but the ratchet wheel seemed to be a RH screw. I've been wrong before... But, if it's broken, you'd think it would separate from the barrel arbour easily. And, yes, it isn't a common movement. Dave
  5. Hi The ratchet wheel screw on this watch was very tight and it will not come out all the way. I'm wondering if the screw is stripped or someone actually glued it in place. It turns now but it won't come out. Any ideas? I'm just trying to clean it; it's very dirty and needs a new setting spring but it still works. Dave
  6. Thank you both for the information. I'm thinking I'll just leave the KIF DUOFIX spring alone for now. Just as an aside, My grandfather was from Biled. At the time it was part of the Austrian-Hungarian empire.
  7. I hate all types of Novodiac style springs. Can I use a ball peen hammer?
  8. They are KIF springs. They look scary!!!
  9. Here are the pics - probably a zip file. Mother's I don't know why I can't just copy and paste a photo here. Sigh... Dave
  10. Excellent question. I have no idea - yet. I'm trying to get it clean enough to disassemble.
  11. Hi I'm working on a small lady's watch that has some jewel cap springs I've not seen before in my whole 18 months of watchmaking. Anyway, one is shaped like a 4 leafed clover and the other has a lyre shape. I think the clover shaped one is like a Novodiac spring and the lyre shaped on is hinged - sort of like an Incablock spring. Any suggestions are welcome. It was my mother's Bulova and it's NEVER been cleaned. Just getting the hair out of it made it go... Dave PS - I'd post a photo but, sadly, I don't know how.
  12. OK. Thank you. I'll do that. I take it the zip file expanded for you.
  13. Sorry, I can't get the photo to post.
  14. Anton Schild
  15. I'll try again later. I could only put in the zip file -