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  1. Do you think It would be possible to straighten the hairspring and reattach it? How about straightening the safety pin. Is that possible without breaking it? It got bent without breaking so maybe it can be straightened. The watch is very good in every other way so it would be nice to get it working again.
  2. The watch would probably work if I could get a new pallet fork and a balance spring. I just can't seem to find a place that will supply stuff for older Waltham watches.
  3. The safety pin on the pallet fork looks more like a scorpion's tail. The hairspring is in a bad way and the balance cock has the end on the hairspring still fastened but it looks pretty rusted. I have no idea what caused this mess.
  4. I'll do my best.
  5. A friend of mine dropped off a small Waltham pocket watch which had belonged to her grandfather. It is only 25mm across so it is more like a small wrist watch. It is in a drop-down case with the key held in the case. The 'keyless' works are fine and the whole watch seems good except for the balance. The hairspring is a real mess and the impulse jewel plate has come off the balance staff. The safety pin on the pallet fork is bent. I have no idea what happened but it had to have had some kind of accident. I'm thinking of replacing the balance assembly and the pallet fork because I don't think I can get the watch working otherwise. Any ideas are welcome. Thank you.
  6. They still use 17th century French in Quebec so I guess old clock cleaner recipes is understandable.
  7. It's totally covered. It's a mixture right now of distilled water, alcohol, ammonia and dish soap. It seems to be doing a good job because I can't see through the water any more. I am planning on rinsing it, drying it and putting it in a wash of naphtha. Will this plan do a good cleaning job? I was given the recipe by a clock repair guy in Winnipeg. Probably can't trust anyone from Winnipeg. LOL
  8. The clock turned the fluid black almost immediately. How long should I leave it in the mixture? Because of the ammonia my wife want clock stuff in the basement. O, well...
  9. I got some cleaning stuff. I'm going to "clean 'my' clock" - instead of your. LOL I just made up that phrase. No one has ever used it before. ;-)
  10. The entire NE15 movement is about £80. One sometimes must balance your time with expediency. Even happens with piano tuning and repair.
  11. There's a song about that called, "There's a Hole in the Bucket."
  12. Well, thank you for all the encouragement. I have a question: What is 'stoning' besides being a form of capital punishment in the Near East. It's going to be an interesting project - that's for sure. Good to know I have a group of people to rely on for advice.
  13. Yeah, fun! The clock was made in May of 1904 and I doubt anything has been done to it in 113 years. The screw holding the adjuster to the plate was very tight. WD40 did wonders on it.