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  1. I don't even believe to watches for diving, forum threads on the subject are *so* repeating. One sentence I care to avoid is "desk diving", for some reason it gives to my nerves. But I did dive with a bottle (not beer) once, and it was amazing. If I were to do it again I would probably wear one, but only because I would neglect to leave it in the room, but be worried to have it stolen if left on the boat. All that being said, my daily beater is a dive watch. I blame that on my customers corrupting myself.
  2. To be honest, since I've bought the tool, I'm much less inclined to do pressure testing... because the sink is in another room
  3. Oh, you mean a a die attachment for the Horotec. There is, I think, an adapter to use the dies above on the Horotec.
  4. I don't agree that using a ball to close a case back is sufficient or good practice. At the minimum, a Jaxa tool. That is the typical tightening I find on new Seiko watches, and on occasions I need to use the real thing to open divers.
  5. But you kept the dies at least?
  6. In my experience with Seiko HS, the more you manipulate them, the worse they perform. In my opinion correcting an HS is the peak of watch repair, and an hobbyist should not be ashamed to replace them.
  7. I was scrolling this thread backward so the picture before the description, and immediately wondered how strikingly Thai or perhaps Indian that fake dial looked like Take my comment amicably, I was talking to a collector today and he told me that the shiny bullhead for same on ebay are made in Thailand with fixed push buttons... nothing wrong with that, I just hope I will be able to find these wonderful factories myself and post about!
  8. I think that if you post some pics of your creations and work this thread will lighten up Don't be too quick in taking blame LoL
  9. Always worth to mention for the casual reader that not all Chinese watches and movements are in the same league. For example the leader Seagull makes good movements, both in terms of design and execution, in some cases more expensive than Japanese. However they grade them and keep the best ones for the watches they produce themselves. And then there are the complete watches and movements that they make for the European brands, legally or not. These are also very good.
  10. I am looking to get a new cheap timegrpaher, I am just a hobbist and I would like to get one useful piece at a low cost since I am from Argentina and the argentinian peso is really devaluated. For real savings, and no issues with Aduanas, I recommend that you try a software application first. You only need to get a good mic.
  11. I recommend that you give the watch to a professional for repair. Working on a front loader, handling chrono hands is not a good task for a beginner.
  12. I think the marks are from the time when mechanical watches were the pretty much the only alternative, and maintaining objects was about 100 times more valued than now. And the other reasons is that they broke more often than the quality ones. Anyway, the single post count OP appears to have lost interest by now.
  13. What about a jewel. Soft barrel bushing are a common defect for Seiko. Maybe they do that so they don't last forever and a new watch has to be purchased.
  14. Right Mark, what I noticed is that some forums have the feature of detecting long quotes and pictures in them, so I wonder if that's something the software you use has? I'll have a look in the docs too.
  15. I looked on Ebay and a same watch is 25 pounds or best offer. As explained above, generally speaking electronics can't be repaired, these watches are essentially disposable items, just as too many other items nowadays. That is not surprising and should not be frustrating.