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  1. Lift the tip of the setting lever and pull the stem out.
  2. I suspect that the silver metal tab in the 2nd picture is the stem retainer, it has to be pulled out.
  3. There is only one hand - the second one. You need to post pictures of the mov.t for questions related to it. You can find many threads on buffing and polishing using the search box on the top right. BTW, your watch has a lapped "sunburst" finishing, which can't be really be done manually.
  4. That can't happen, because the shape of the upper pivot into the balance cock hole the makes so that there is always a certain space between the wheel and balance body. On the other hand, when you keep the wheel dangling by the hairspring, the latter can get distorted by catching int something, or by the wheel weight itself.
  5. I'm confused.. in the piciture I see the mov.t removed from case, and the case upside down with the dial reversed inside.
  6. Which is also debatable, because e.g. in the US Thu. is the 5th day of the week
  7. Sorry for not reading your post count right. Option 2 is what people in the US does in similar cases. Maybe in the US they have more common sense, yet people complains having to show up in person or send a delegated agent. And I think that the choice of having it sent back must be given. Because customs have no rights on metal parts of an article not fully made of leather.
  8. Same question and same answers: http://www.watchrepairtalk.com/topic/5694-propper-way-to-remove-a-balance/ I recommend you use method 2. just as shown on the textbook. Personally I use tweezers with wide, round tips for that.
  9. Post any stupidly made object here.. I'll start... cheap tire pressure gauge from SE Asia... the Imperial scale is repeated on the four sides of the sticking part, but with the smart variation of being lb. or PSI. Asking for metric would have been too much?
  10. Yes Seikos are disturbingly accurate when they behave Now that you know that, you can move on to learn how to take one apart and putting it back.. thanks to this watch repair forum!
  11. Not sure why are you posting this as first post in a watch repair forum, anyway: I don't think it matters to Swiss about ordering outside of the EU, because Switzerland is not part of the EU. I think your friends has two choices, 1. Obtain a letter from your country fellow Glycine company about the strap, or if that's not possible 2. Without admitting fault, arrange with customs for straps to be removed and destroyed. 3. Have these sent back, get a refund, and plan better for a next time. BTW, i see this is a subtle revenge by Swiss customs for those that re-import domestic products. Your friend might also be questioned about the declared value of the goods.
  12. Correct, but the issue at hand here is that the OP one has 165 deg.s and mine 185. Not enough, otherwise we wouldn't be here talking about it.
  13. Why would you remove the mov.t from the machine. It is enough to let it rest 30 sec, or even better move it to a different position and rest 30 secs to "settle". You can also gently blow air on it every once in while. BTW, 300 to 330 deg.s is unusually high amplitude for Seiko of this class. Normally it's from 220 to 270 fully wound. But I've seen enough strange things when it comes to Seiko amplitude, HS, etc to disbelieve it.
  14. Or even before, at the barrel shaft. Many mov.ts simply use holes on the plates for that, which become worn out, quite logically as these are the bearing where the highest torques applies. A perfectionist would place jewels there.
  15. By coincidence, I have been working the best part of this afternoon on a 7S26 with virtually identically symptoms: reduced amplitude, in my case 185 deg. at best. Watch is quite recent, Nov. '12. Demagnetized, redone balance jewels lubrication. HS shape, pallet fork, all checks OK under the loupe. Beat error, positional error are good. Balance cock screw was found loose, but after tightening problem remains. Blowing air on the balance gets amplitude to 220, even 250 deg.s but just for few seconds, after which it returns as above. In the end life is too short to deal with stubborn mysteries and since the watch must go tomorrow I've replaced mov.t complete with a good one.