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  1. How fast?
  2. What do you mean by "The crown/stem is spring loaded like a borgel"? Sorry, I don't understand.
  3. what do you all think of this one? (at mod: if the link is inapropriate, please erase it)
  4. That was an adventure!
  5. From my tinkerer point of view, I think that microphone is a bad design! You have that "pin" and that glue that I think is 10 times heavier than the pieso sensor. It is dead weight! IMHO the sensor should have the lowest mass possible (be light as posible) to pick up the watches vibrations with the highest efficiency. It should be in direct contact with the watch crown.
  6. I don't know the movement but if that is some sort of click angaged on the wheel teeth, I wouldn't oil it!
  7. let's say it is something like it. It smells the same but naphta evaporates much faster than lighter fluid
  8. I understand you have to mix those two, but how do you actually do that in real life? I believe you have to make a large quantity (with some sort of seringe). Because if I count 100 drops of naphta, they will be gone by the time I finished counting
  9. @Marc Funny, I was expecting 9010 for the pivots (instead of 1300), those devils are spinning! But I would be wrong (I checked the service sheet The big speed is a relative one (between each two in each set). The entire reverser wheel speed is quite slow, so 1300 will do! Thank you for that!
  10. When you pull out the crown, the release "button" rotates a bit (20-30 degrees). Put a loupe - if it rotates push it and pull the crown/stem out.
  11. you don't use D5 for the reverser wheels. I believe you need Lubeta.
  12. I ordered one too big and I used the original ring with the new plexy - just saying
  13. I would add a 0,1mm for a plexy with tension ring.
  14. I understood the principle. I was not sure if the regulator was moving indeed so little - there is a sort of elasticiy of the regulator arm and a "friction breaking force" and when it starts to move, it moves too much. But it seams to be working, so I will give it a try!
  15. Was the tool good enough to regulate the watch to make a correction of only 3 seconds?