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  1. ...pardon me while I get my Elmasolvex running to wash that puny jewel... Are you serious? It takes a couple of hours for me to clean a movement - pegwood, brush, ultrasonic, naphta, IPA, etc, etc... And you are just flashing this Elmasolvex in front of us? You want us to drop dead, or what? I seriously envy you! p.s. congrats on your Elma, I hate you!
  2. So why was the MS slipping? could you post a link to the end of the story?
  3. for the case back, did you try this one? I bought one for a very stubborn case back and it worked.
  4. pardon the mess
  5. If you want to take a wack at it:
  6. +1 for vacuum
  7. I'll be back! also with a deep, thick austrian/'bit americanized accent :))
  8. Don't forget to oil it (i'd use 9501, 9504 or molikote dx)
  9. Ok, you scared me! :)) But what's the computer resources got with the wrt account? I believe you've been lied to.... by your computer! Kill it! Before Skynet takes control... scarry!
  10. No problem! I just thought it was funny :))
  11. Guido! English please :)))) HQ! photos?
  12. Now, why would you go and do that?
  13. Dude, post a photo already! and the price, and where you bought it from...