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  1. "Pre Hayek" Certina. - before Nicolas G. Hayek
  2. I am curious at what the elderly have to say about that! p.s. - I use the first method
  3. you like to move it, move it! sorry... couldn't help it!
  4. I would buy a brass rod 6-8 mm in diameter and sharpen it like a screwdriver tip. Then I would take off its middle.
  5. you may be missing some bits. Check the service manual.
  6. I don't think that is your biggest problem (though it is a problem). Your regulator is broken - you only have the "boot" - there should be a pin at it's right (in pictures).
  7. build the preamp and use W-o-S. You won't regret it.
  8. PC: watch-o-scope, pctm, biburo android: wildspectra, tickoprint
  9. try using only the balance complete (balance wheel and Hairspring) - meaning use the old cock and the new balance complete. It looks to me like you don't have enough end-shakeand a cause would be the different shocks (Incabloc and Novodiac) To take it off:
  10. it might be a left-hand screw, and trying to unscrew it to the left would break the thread in the barrel arbor... it happened to me...
  11. It might not be a barrel arbor/MS problem. Another scenario could happen: it is very hard to see because the crown wheel is beneath the wheel train bridge. Normally, when you turn the crown, you actually turn the sliding pinion (clutch wheel) which turns the winding pinion (under the force of the yoke and yoke spring); then the winding pinion turns the crown wheel, which turns the ratchet wheel, which finally turns the barrel arbor Because of poor oiling or wear, two things might go wrong: the sliding pinion might disengage the winding pinion (wear on the Breguet teeth), or the winding pinion might disengage the crown wheel (the winding stem might have some wear on it and the winding pinion might be allowed to seat at an angle lower then 90 degrees). There would be a sudden MS discharge that you would see on the crown wheel (aprox 30 degrees in the opposite direction if you drew a dot on it, for example).
  12. please count the teeth on the escape wheels,I think they have both 15, in which case, it makes no sense to change them. If you change the escape wheel, though, change the pallets, too - the escape wheel and pallets usually are paired (IMHO small adjustements are made for each pair)
  13. then set your timegrapher to the current escapement frequency. then watch how the watch indicates the time.
  14. change the 4th wheel, see what happens!
  15. MS slipping - was the problem the end piece of the MS? The one that catches the groove in the MS barrel?