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  1. Thank you for the answer. I also believe that oiling would add some sort of "drag". But I still believe that there is a little bit of friction (hence the "safety"). Also the natural forces involved are on the horizontal, not the vertical.
  2. Hello! Do you oil the shouldered “safety” screws that hold in place the coupling clutch 8080, the sliding gear 8100 or the hammer 8219? If so, do you also put a very tiny drop of hp 1300 under them? you can find the entire doc here: Thank you! Bogdan
  3. But still, how do you harden it again after you've straighten it?
  4. Thank you for the correction! Didn't mean to fool anyone
  5. Never done it myself, but from what I heard, if you want to work with the pivot (in any way) you must first soften the material (meaning turning it red, letting it cool down) and then hardening it again. Good luck with that!
  6. Hello! So I was trying to work on the HS, like so I took a coaster from Ikea: and spare 1mm screwdriver blade and 2 pins: and I got:
  7. Imho you lose power dial down. If this is not the case, then also check the hairspring between the regulator pins, dial down. Also the regulator pins should be paralel and straight.
  8. All the pivots and jewels on the dial side should be checked. Also the axial shake off all the train wheels and the pallet fork.
  9. Do you mean Trichloroethylene version vs tetrachloroethylene version?
  10. For cleaning a smeared piece or an overoiled jewel I use IPA (isopropyl alcohol)
  11. I use a 10mm thick plexy 50mm/20mm with different diameter holes in it
  12. How fast?
  13. What do you mean by "The crown/stem is spring loaded like a borgel"? Sorry, I don't understand.
  14. what do you all think of this one? (at mod: if the link is inapropriate, please erase it)