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  1. Mate all I can say and this is through experience of being on a budget and trying to find a cheaper way of cleaning if using ultra sonic machines. i don't have an expensive ultra sonic I've small James cleaner holds about half a litre if that, for glass jars I use a small Kilner jar for cleaning fluid and two of small jam jars ( the type you get in hotels ) for my rinse agent. Together this lot has cost me approx £35. For cleaning fluid and believe me I have tried loads of off the shelf or home made ultra sonic solutions and believe me the best I have used is L&R ultra fine cleaning solution, no it's not the cheapest but it **BLEEP** cleans fantastically, and shines at the same time. I re use mine by filtering it through coffee filters, £2 for 40 out of tescos that way it stays clean to reuse numerous times. For rinse agent I use isopropyl alcohol, luckily I can get this for free from work, but I believe it's not too expensive over the counter so to speak. I know the £53 for the cleaning solution (inc P&P ) sounds a lot but I can assure you I've probably spent double that on different cheaper alternatives that haven't worked.
  2. Ok guys think I might of worked this one out, first off the post, I posted that on the seiko forum and not here, so that's that question answered. As for the movement, well ive bought a vxoo to replace the seiko, having put both on my cheap quartz tester and having nothing happen I was thinking that both movements were shot, anyway I changed the batteris and tried again, still nothing, then the eureka moment, no second hand so these movements only tick once a minute not every second!!! So ive replace the battery in both movements and attached hands and will see if the old seiko can continue to work or if I need to fit the vx movement into the case in its place.
  3. Guys, im in need of a replacement seiko 4N00B quarts movement, unfortuantly cousins have obselete stock, now I know ive asked this before and have used the search function, even my content but have been unable to find the answer, someone very kindly pointed me in the direction of hatorri vx00 movement, well I thought they did, I have ordered and other but the dial feet locations are different. Now I'm pretty sure that before the equivalant movement was a straight swap with no need to do anything, but I cannot remember, so if possible does anyone know of a replacement movement for the Seiko 4N00B movement please. Cheers guys
  4. Roy, my sister is a silversmith, lucky me, anyway its one of her skills, I, m about to send her a small fob watch case that has a snapped hinge, to see if she is happy to repair it, she obviously has the tooling etc, I will post again with the results and any info about tools heat etc etc ok
  5. Yep ive used alum before, I set it next to the hot water pipe in an airing cupboard, left it overnight, (longer than needed) and screws were totally disolved
  6. Nice work mate, quick tip for you, ive had a few cracked dials like yours and have picked up a tip on cleaning them, get yourself a pack of denture cleaning tablets, 1x glass of warm water drop in the tablet and the dial and wait 3 mins take out dial rinse off and I guarantee that them cracks will be invisible. Before you start make sure the numbers are actually in the enamel as they can be lifted if you are not careful, its not happened to me yet but I'm always careful.
  7. Clockboy that is a monster of a tool figuratively speaking, me of little experience would attempt to heat the shellac locally probably with a very small jewelers blow torch, might not be the correct way but it might juSt work, I know it's not the correct way but it might work.
  8. Every day is a school day, id never heard of an arbor that unscrews, I shall remember this incase I get one in the future, cheers
  9. Listen to Stuart Roy he knows his onions, and has just helped me out with the same website link
  10. Just a standard drinking glass of warm water and 1 tablet for 3 mins, I think you should be safe with the numbers as the cleaning is very gentle
  11. Nice one, yep there was a few collectors at this one but prices weren't too bad, even went back after going to bristol to see if I could snaffle an ultra sonic cleaning machine that I had seen, everyone was packed up but managed to find the owner, I walked off after he asked £250 for it, to be fair it was a good one but used and untested.
  12. Well done mate, for the case I would soapy water in an ultra sonic first, then silver dip then polish it up, the dial I would do what ive just done on an old enamel dial (see my latest post) use a streradent tablet and it will come up gleaming, and inest in so L&R ultra fine cleaning solution.
  13. Thanks mate, im not at all bothered about +/-10 secs a day on this movement, I wouldn't mind if it gained or lost 10 mins a day, I, m happy with my work on the hairspring and aligning everything up correctly with the cylinder (thanks to your info) its been running now for 4 hours dial up and is 1 minute fast to my phone, so if it carries on like that for the next 24hrs it will be running 6 mins fast. I shall see how it is in the morning, rewind and go dial down.
  14. Well I've finished another project, and my first cylinder escapement movement. As can be seen from my previous thread " movement ID" you can see what i was up against, some very helpful members, Stuart and oldhippy huge thanks for the knowledge you guys shared. i still have no idea who made the movement or how old it is, all I know is that it's now ticking nicely and has kept perfect time with my phone (dial up) for the last 45mins. I shall over the weekend change its position to see how it keeps time. I tried it on the timegrapher but the machine didn't like it, don't know wether my Chinese one is programmed for cylinder escapements, but if it keeps time as it is now I'm not fussed. I tagged L&R ultra fine as members have been asking what it's like, well the last photo shows how well it cleans movement parts, also the picture of the dial is before I tried out some steradent denture tablets, Wow they really work, 3 mins on warm water and no cracks visible( they are still there but all the dirt has been removed making it nearly impossible to see them) I can highly recommend these as a way of cleaning enamel dials. Now some before and after photos......
  15. No mate, this one was in Taunton, only a small one but I found it very friendly, a few people flashing rolexs and the like around saying how much this cost and that cost etc etc, I don't mind my seiko is bombers haha