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  1. Ok guys, many thanks to Stuart for some good information, but im still slightly struggling to work out the balance on this movement, in particular where the cylinder sits when at rest when there is no power in the train ( pallet escapement impulse jewel sits between banking pins ). How does the cylinder sit, between to teeth, or wit a tooth fully inserted in the cylinder or with one resting on the outside of the cylinder ready to send an impulse onto and into the cylinder thus starting the movement in motion. I now know that the pin sticking out of the balance wheel stops it doing a full rotation by hitting the banking pin that sits on the balance cock. Ive read from the information that Stuart gave me that you rotate the balance wheel all the way round to the banking pin in one direction allowing the cylinder to engage with the escape wheel, thats ok but hw does the balance whee sit at rest. Hopefully from that point I should be able to grasp setting up and getting a cylinder escapement to work, any info greatly recieved especially pictures
  2. If you like your seikos try ebay and search for "the watch collector" ramon has many movements for repairs, many are quite rusty but they harvest a number of spares that you will find valuable when future repairs cross your bench
  3. Yep sorry mate, my post was abit slow at coming up there and watchmaker posted the correct information with good pictures, the RWG site is a fantastic place for info on all things replica ( it's where I got started )
  4. The top bit in your photo would locate with another bit that allows a date wheel to be quick set, I will try a nd dig a photo up for you showing the components in situ on a movement.
  5. Your welcome mate, I do understand the facination in a piece of engineering still performing so well after so long, guess that's why people say seikos are bombers i.e. **BLEEP** reliable and bomb proof!!!!
  6. In all the time I've been working on these movements I have not come across anything I'm afraid, they are all similar but again all have small differences. I apologise for possibly sending you a bum steer on the eher the hacking lever was located, I haven't come across one that hacks from the stem area, only from the train side as I said.
  7. No such thing as a newbie question Ray, off the top of my head I know the 7s26 movement was the newer model of the 7002 Movement by seiko, the best place I can direct you for seiko knowledge is the forum that is scwf, on there they are a friendly bunch and just as helpful as everyone is here,in fact quite a lot of us are members there aswell as here. Anyway back to the subject, on that forum there is s section that has all the tech sheets for seiko movements with schematic drawings of each one, you will notice that a lot of the movements come under the same tech sheet as they share common parts etc. One last thing, don't get too hung up on getting your watches +/- 5 secs or so and so per day. Some you will some you won't. A lot of watch manufacturers are happy with +/- 10+ secs a day some even more. I do agree though that it is nice to do the work and get one running nice and tight though isn't it.
  8. oldhippy, that bit on the barrel ive just found out is called a Geneva stop work, just read up about it, at first seems a little complicated to set up but not too bad. I'm sure you new all this already though.
  9. Well done so far mate, but as a previous member said, the hacking lever is actually on the train side of the movement, you will have to reassemble the calender side and go in from the other side. It is actuated from the setting levers where you are at the moment but it is actually a small thin ( hairspring thin ) bit of metal that almost looks like a bridle on an auto mainspring. It is located on a post and one end is pushed by a setting lever whilst the other then in turn touches the balance wheel and stops it swinging. Keep going ok and keep asking questions
  10. Just to let you know, I'm sure the 7s movement runs at 53 and not 52 for the lift angle, go to a site
  11. Yes i too have had a look through that site and the Swiss makers marks but have not come up with anything yet, I'm struggling to upload another photo, seems I keep getting an error message
  12. old hippy, thanks again, I have to say i had a quick look around at breakfast this morning and came across a piece in the nawcc forum on cylinder escapements, in a thread there it was said that the balance wheel may have 3 small circles on the under side and a corresponding dot on the movement plate, these would be a 5 degrees measurement for getting the cylinder etc "in beat" I have another photo of the plate with the balance removed that shows a dot, I will try to post another photo of said part to see if it the dot that I need. Any luck with the maker?
  13. Old hippy many thanks for the enlightenment of what that part does (or is supposed to do). As for setting in beat I didn't know if there was a specific way, as with lever escapement where to start of with you set the impulse jewel as near as dammit in the centre of the banking pins, obviously without banking pins this cylinder movement has another way. I will admit that the hairspring looks better than it does in that picture but to be honest it still needs alot of work but atleast now it sits almost totally flat. And that leads onto another question, the length of the hair spring? I have no idea how long it should be as there was a tail over a CM long after the pin, so some one before me has obviously been at this movement before.
  14. Ok guys, just finished cleaning stripping etc (the watch not me) anyway after spending far too long trying to reform the balance spring it only runs for a couple of seconds dial side down. its a cylinder escapement and as of yet I haven't had the pleasure of setting one of these in beat as you would with a lebt type escapement, so I'm unsure of how to do so, will here's some pictures of the movement, if anyone can shed some light that would be great as I can then start looking for a new balance. In the first photo attached to the mainspring barrel there is what is like a cross shape screwed to it, it spins round quite easily but I have no idea what it does as it doesn't seem to marry up to anything else. well as you can see it has a cross shape with 646 next to it, and an ornate L with a bird on it, these are the only marks on the movement, I've again looked in all the usual places but again my places aren't coming up zither the goods yet again. Cheers guys
  15. **BLEEP** good effort mate, you're like me with these watches, you just want to get them ticking again, well done for not giving up, im 3 years now waiting for a dial to come up for sale on eBay etc for my ww2 glycine, 3 years!!!!!! Oh well the wait goes on And we'll done to the other members for the font of knowledge that they share.