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  1. Many thanks for the offer clockboy, I have the watch finished now, but I will give you the measurements so you can see if you have any lying around, according to Charles the one he fitted for me was a generic crystal, he must have better eyes than me as I struggled to find one of the correct size
  2. Yeah its a constant battle with the snipers, I use to use one but it failed a few times so now lime clockboy I put my max bid in early and just leave it, I continue to watch for used/vintage/antique etc etc watch tools just to see what comes up, I have one of the early winders the type you put in a vice (bit like the clock ones) its a nice small one made for watches but it only came with one arbor, I got my old man to get a few more turned out on his lathe, the smallest is the same size as a seiko arbor from a 7002 movement, the largest is the same as a 16s waltham arbor, I then drilled holes in each one and epoxied a small bit of a dress pin in each hole for the main spring to hold onto. I now need to make up some sleeves so that I will be be to wind auto mainsprings, I can at the moment wind normal springs but it's a bit fiddly trying to fit the barrel over the wound spring whilst pushing the top lever that holds the spring in place. If I can make up a selection of sleeves then discs to match that will allow me to push the springs back into the barrels im home and dry, but wouldn't mind still finding a set of purpose built arbors and sleeves etc. Mind you if I'm successful in making these sleeves I might be content with what I've got.
  3. Cheers oli, will take that info on board
  4. Jeez, thats 3 mainspring winders ive missed out on now and each one ive increased my top bid substantially and still lost each one by a £1, ive checked all sold items to get aN idea of how much they've gone for in the past and bid atleast £10 more to secure the item, but each time im outbid by a poxy £1. I know there is no answer apart from bidding stupidly high, im just having a rant as im peeved about losing number 3 in quick succession, cheers for your ears guys.
  5. Alastair, many thanks for the advice, I can now highly reccomend Charles at watch glass cutting, he has come up trumps with a new crystal for the smiths Astral. I emailed him and had good comms througout the process, I think I might of been a pain in the butt, but it wasn't my watch and it held huge sentimental value to the owner so I was a little twitchy about sending it away for a new crystal, something I've always done myself but on this occasion was unable to find the part myself, neither were my 3 watchsmiths!! Anyway I can highly recommended Charles if you need a new crystal cut etc, a fantastic service that if needed I shall use again without hesitation, as I hope others will.
  6. Wish it did just need a polish mate, it did whilst I was inspecting it, but then the owner had it in her hands and she dropped it!!! So now I need to try and find and replacement, the lathe idea is good but unfortunately I do not possess one to do the job im afraid
  7. I'll try contacting today, many thanks for the link hopefully they can do acrylic crystals, only lightly browsed the price list at the moment
  8. guys apologies for not responding sooner, been abit busy with work, many thanks for the responses, cousins doesn't have anything like it, I tried the sternkruez catalogue and found one the same shape but it only come in one size which you've guessed it isn't the same as mine. I'll try the G'S catalogue and also otto just in case. I have also contacted a smiths specialist here I the UK, they are being very helpful, first email sent late afternoon today and they were still advising me at 20.30hrs so very happy with them.
  9. Yes it is possible to buy and repair watches for a profit, but it is a learning curve and you will end up with loads of unknown movements and bits and bobs, it will be time consuming and probably won't come close to paying your bills but will buy you few pints each week if you make enough profit. As for buying parts there are your usual material houses but sometimes I end up popping into my local smith and buying a part from him as it saves on postage, or I'll have to scour ebay etc for another watch of the calibre to get the required part to fix the first watch. It can be a mine field but also a good classroom for learning repairs, go ahead and have some fun, seikos are always plentiful but for a non runner (rusty) diver you will expect to pay approx £30 for a non runner then factor in a new aftermarket set of hands from the USA only about £8 but then put another £10 on for postage each extra part you buy you will need to put a mark up on to cover it's cost and postage and so it goes on, until you then factor in your hourly rate, for and full renovation if all parts are on your bench factor a whole day for the job going on into the evening so say a good 10 hours of solid work if all goes to plan. I'm not trying to put you off im just giving you the knowledge I have gained so far, you will eventually have a stock of spares and won't have such along turnaround time for each piece, and try to stay focused on one brand of watch like seiko, or be like me along nd buy loads of random stuff and then be stuck with it haha, enjoy and have fun along end good luck mare
  10. Guys I'm after a new crystal for an old astral wrist watch, I've had a hunt through the sternkreuz catalogue but haven't seen a replacement ( might be the wood for the trees syndrome creeping in) . Anyway it's an acrylic crystal but with an inner lip, I think the photo will explain it better, so any pointers on where I should be looking would be great, cheers guys
  11. I leave my solution alone, I don't worry about warming it up, eventually though it will get abit warm and thats only through the heat generated in the water by the action of the cleaning machine. Don't get too caught up here with all these cleaners and temperatures and how flammable they are guys ok, the world is too fluffy already, just go buy some L&R ultra fine for cleaning and isopropyl alcohol for rinsing and go get cleaning job done.
  12. Mate all I can say and this is through experience of being on a budget and trying to find a cheaper way of cleaning if using ultra sonic machines. i don't have an expensive ultra sonic I've small James cleaner holds about half a litre if that, for glass jars I use a small Kilner jar for cleaning fluid and two of small jam jars ( the type you get in hotels ) for my rinse agent. Together this lot has cost me approx £35. For cleaning fluid and believe me I have tried loads of off the shelf or home made ultra sonic solutions and believe me the best I have used is L&R ultra fine cleaning solution, no it's not the cheapest but it **BLEEP** cleans fantastically, and shines at the same time. I re use mine by filtering it through coffee filters, £2 for 40 out of tescos that way it stays clean to reuse numerous times. For rinse agent I use isopropyl alcohol, luckily I can get this for free from work, but I believe it's not too expensive over the counter so to speak. I know the £53 for the cleaning solution (inc P&P ) sounds a lot but I can assure you I've probably spent double that on different cheaper alternatives that haven't worked.
  13. Ok guys think I might of worked this one out, first off the post, I posted that on the seiko forum and not here, so that's that question answered. As for the movement, well ive bought a vxoo to replace the seiko, having put both on my cheap quartz tester and having nothing happen I was thinking that both movements were shot, anyway I changed the batteris and tried again, still nothing, then the eureka moment, no second hand so these movements only tick once a minute not every second!!! So ive replace the battery in both movements and attached hands and will see if the old seiko can continue to work or if I need to fit the vx movement into the case in its place.
  14. Guys, im in need of a replacement seiko 4N00B quarts movement, unfortuantly cousins have obselete stock, now I know ive asked this before and have used the search function, even my content but have been unable to find the answer, someone very kindly pointed me in the direction of hatorri vx00 movement, well I thought they did, I have ordered and other but the dial feet locations are different. Now I'm pretty sure that before the equivalant movement was a straight swap with no need to do anything, but I cannot remember, so if possible does anyone know of a replacement movement for the Seiko 4N00B movement please. Cheers guys
  15. Roy, my sister is a silversmith, lucky me, anyway its one of her skills, I, m about to send her a small fob watch case that has a snapped hinge, to see if she is happy to repair it, she obviously has the tooling etc, I will post again with the results and any info about tools heat etc etc ok