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  1. Cheers Stuart, you've been a massive help my friend.
  2. Mate jump on ebay and search for "thewatchcollector" Ramon is a source of many seiko parts mostly used, he usually sells batches of old movements for very little, I grant you they are dirty and some will never run again but they are a cheap way of getting alot of parts, and he's based in US but the items come from the phillipines, but he is very trusted throughout the seiko community, myself included.
  3. Stuart you are a star, very niceley explained and easily understandable so much so that I will use your method for future springs that I need for ancient pocket watches. One final question, I will have I will have a look myself across the net, but would you know the correct size spring for a 16 size waltham traveller?
  4. Here the link that includes pictures etc of the movement That should help out
  5. Ooooppps, was meant to read 14 mm in diameter, the movement itself is a cylinder escapement, I had a thread asking the make of the movement not so long ago, I will try and copy the link into a thread shortly to helpyou abit more ok.
  6. Quick question, where to buy old but new mainsprings for old pocket/fob watches? I'm in need of one at the moment as the arbour end snapped off, my measurements are as follows height 1.95mm thickness 0.24mm approx 300 mm in length inside diameter of barrel is 41mm now ive hunted through cousins with no success, ive also tried putting in the exact measurements of smiths ingersoll dollar watches mainsprings but again im coming up with nothing. anyone have any ideas please cheers
  7. Got agree, you really do need a staking set, at the bare minimum a set of stakes and staking table. That's how I started, then I got a staking tool, that made everything so much easier, I had to drill out the tube to fit my stakes as they weren't a matching set, but now work perfectly.
  8. I think you,ll find this forum has alot to offer, every question I have asked has been answered in the past and the information given by forum members is fantastic, welcome to the club
  9. The £5 one is the old original one, the more expensive the newer print runs.
  10. Cheers mate, yes like you im a happy tinkerer, with help from a local "smith" that runs a horological workshop, anyway, yes I'm trying logical searches for a stem, my trouble is, is that I get an old movement like this and find Myself wanting to find a case for it etc etc and get it back to a fully working watch as it once was, bit like a dog with a bone I suppose haha.
  11. Guys, does anyone know if all the different books titled "Practical watch repair" by Donald De Carle are the same book just reprinted? Only asking as ive seen on amazon that it's going for £5 used, fine for me I love a bargain, but also there is about 5 others all of the same title but newer prints and different covers, these range from £125 downwards, so was wondering if my bargain £5 used book is just a well thumbed ex library book which is still useful, but not nice and shiney with a new dust cover?
  12. Watchmaker, thanks again, but could you tell me what I should be looking for in a scrap movement ie search for fhf 11.75 etc, many thanks
  13. Another quick look on the net and ranfft and ive found its an FHF 11"' trouble is it doesn't list a stem size on Ranfft, so a bit more searching to do and then try and find that case.
  14. And we have have a winner, go to the top of the class Watchmaker, thats bang on, and now I can see its actually a pin set movement so I might be able to narrow down the stem, huge thanks mate.
  15. Old hippy many thanks mate once again, this one measures 30mm in diameter and yes has a decorated enamel dial and gold hands, but sadly no case, will have to start scouring ebay to see if I can find one on the cheap to make this little watch a runner and whole again.