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  1. Ah, a very nice old square, just like yourself!
  2. Guys, I would appreciate if you could translate your post into English before posting. It allows others to appreciate what is being discussed. Thanks Geo!
  3. I suspect the crystal should have been popped out with compressed air when the back was still in place.
  4. Very light lubrication gets my vote.
  5. It's just a small staking set guys, but a nice one.
  6. No I didn't Vic. It was an ultrasonic dental probe that I used.
  7. If you look closely, there is an escape wheel driving the right hand balance wheel. The top jewel for it is below and to the right of the wheel just showing under the dial. It's very much a cheap gimmick!
  8. Nice watch, nice movement and an excellent write up Anil. You have reminded me that I have GS needing serviced!
  9. If the movement is spinning freely with a little power added to the mainspring, either the escapement lever is not located in its pivot bearings, or you have broken a pivot off the the escapement lever. It is highly unlikely to be anything to do with the setting mechanism.
  10. Jason, you do indeed have the same problem. The end of the pivot that that hand fits over has snapped off and will be lodged in the centre boss of the second hand.
  11. Welcome to the forum Ted. This might help you; Tech Guides/Omega tech Guides/1310.pdf
  12. I love it..............I want one.........just to look at!
  13. I use option 1 all the time.