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  1. Prod a piece of pith wood or Rodico with the oiler before charging it with oil. These both wipe clean without leaving residue.
  2. Nice to meet you David, your a talented man indeed!
  3. We do our best to keep things running smoothly.
  4. Regarding the problem, the movement will have to be removed to allow the problem to be traced and rectified. It would be interesting to hear what obsolete part the the watchmaker said was required. It looks like a fairly new Chinese movement to me, the part is probably not obsolete, but more than likely unobtainable.
  5. Hi Len, not my expertise at all, but this may help you check thing out. Quartz Watch.pdf
  6. What an excellent find Micky, you deserved some good luck after your laminate debacle.
  7. What a mass of information, I think they have downloaded Old Hippy's brain!
  8. Looking good Micky, the t shirt's not half bad either! Did I get that the right way around???
  9. All reference to microscopes now moved to:- Please keep this thread relevant to the original title please.
  10. Have a read of this thread Kaz and make up your own mind.
  11. If you're not cannot for any reason source a new sealed replacement barrel as recommended by Seiko, open it up, clean it out, replace the mainspring if you can source one, then luricate and reassemble the barrel. As alluded to above, I would not refurbish a car engine and run it, with old contaminated oil when it could have been changed.
  12. Looks like a good fuhkn pot of soup to me Mark!
  13. I do believe that's what I said, but not so succinctly.
  14. I like this watch Anil, I hope you track down more history. Although the minute and hour hand look great, I feel one or both may have been fitted somewhere down the line. The open diamond hands look the business, but I have only seen them fitted in matching pairs. Regarding the dark side of the moon, I was looking for a triangular prism with bands of light being emitted.
  15. Guys, you are straying way of the ordinal thread content. Please keep this thread relative to the original DIY timing machine.