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  1. Its's more than likely Zinc or cadmium, Nickel will take a bright shine when polished and has a yellowish tint.
  2. Look closely at the claw on the barrel arbour, as it is designed to grip in one direction. Now hold it against the centre coil of the spring and it will be self evident which way it should go.
  3. There are many outlets for selling goods on the net, but this forum has a strict no- sales policy.
  4. Hi Mark,  there's a guy "takingblame" about to sell tweezers on the forum, you may wish to intervene.



  5. Gary, the case construction is the same as a Roamer watch that I service a couple of years ago. It will be a split stem that has to be separated to remove the movement. These can be very stiff to separate with a straight pull and leverage may be required. This was the case with the Roamer. You might be able to turn the stem to a position that will allow the stem parts to slide apart as you to gently prise the movement out.
  6. That was a weeks wages for me back then! They were and are expensive items.
  7. It gets me mad too Roger, some folk are just plain ignorant. I'll better keep my preferred solution to myself!
  8. Excellent job an write up, it's good to read a quality post. I don't like the "Some tips and tricks will remain secret" it's not in the nature of this form.
  9. This can actually be a problem. Watch collectors generally want to have Speedmasters that are totaly original, this includes hands and dials that probably will be changed. If it was me, and I have one, I would send it to a top class repairer who will service it and only replace movement parts if required. If you keep the original patina, your watch will command more money by true Speedmaster collectors.
  10. I would be very urprised if bumper springs from the 350 series of Omegas don't fit. I'm pretty sure the Tissot you have is a re-badged Omega. It's well worth. Taking the gamble Roger, and even if it doesn't fit, buy a spring of the guage and diameter and make one. All they are are a compression spring with the first coil bent at 90 degrees to the coil. PS. I love these movements!
  11. If I was still an admin I would have removed it!
  12. I hope you consulted with Mark Lovic who owns the forum before making this post?
  13. Aye, and some damn good ones too!
  14. Welcome back Don, and it's great to see that you've mastered the dial printing. Another great result!