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  1. Welcome to the forum!
  2. Well, congratulations on getting to the finish line with school! Nice watch, too.
  3. Excellent watch. I don't think the thrill will ever wear off
  4. Oh boy. I'm going to take a flyer, and guess that number 3 is the oldest, but other than that? Shrug.
  5. Welcome Frank!
  6. Thanks for the pictures! Holding 3 tenths is no small achievement, you must have gained some chops as a young'un Anyway, all I can say is if you get some really good magnification, and then examine a watch movement, things will look very familiar
  7. Greetings, thanks for the introduction. It's too bad that you can't attend the school in Seattle. I think that having access to modern (and expensive) tools and equipment, along with the instructors to demonstrate how to use them, is invaluable. Especially if you are planning on making a career of this. But, I agree, pulling up stakes is hard. I can't do it either, at my age I'd never recoup the investment. But who knows? I may do it anyway
  8. I might have been able to come up with the first two, having read Chauncey Jerome's autobiography, but the rest were very mysterious
  9. No worries, I had just noticed that it was sold for mechanical cleaners. I also use a jar in a small ultrasonic, and if it works for you, I might go ahead and try it myself. I just didn't want to pop for that cleaner without a review from someone who used it that way. Thanks!
  10. Well, Hello! Welcome! Electrical and computer engineering, machinist, sounds familiar And please feel free to chat away. As long as you do it in the right section I don't think anyone will mind in the least. In fact, If you have your own machine shop, it would be great to see some pictures. Case work can be done on larger machines, and people are always looking for ideas on refinishing and making custom cases. Have Fun!
  11. Are you using this with a mechanical or an ultrasonic cleaner?
  12. As it says above, I'm getting a messages from my browser that the site's certificate has expired, as of 04/06. Hope it's an oversight and not something more serious! Thanks for all you do, I appreciate that sometimes it's a real pain in the posterior!
  13. I imagine so Still, you might be able to make use of ceramic bearings like they do for the wheels. Try a search for ceramic skate bearings, and Silicon-Nitride Ceramic Balls etc.
  14. Greetings! I see you are getting ready for a "deep dive" into watchmaking
  15. You might try checking this out for ideas on long lived outdoor clocks. Clock of the Long Now