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  1. The crown and stem are on their way, I posted them Monday afternoon. Let me know when they show up. Have Fun!
  2. I don't know, I'm kind of in the same situation myself. I have several kilos of old swiss mainsprings that were dumped from a material system that I'm not familiar with, but the pack rat in me couldn't pass them up. I have not idea what I'll do with them. Maybe some day I'll sort through them.
  3. That is so cool - thanks for showing us that.
  4. I think I've located the crown & stem that you need. Since yours is a UK model, I don't have an exact reference, but I believe that I have found its American cousin, 26760. As far as I can tell the cases are the same. The Timex part number is 025-060054 The crown and stem can be found in the material system 401/1 TX1K, listed as compartment 10. I've attached some pictures, and if you want it just send me a PM and I'll mail one off to you.
  5. Stuart Baker is correct, the catalog number is 26761, It's a Marlin (water resistant) calendar model. A #25 hand wind movement, and the year is 1973. It uses a one piece crown and stem, I'll check and see which one when I get home this evening. It might be available, it's possible that I even have it myself. Cheers!
  6. There are some numbers on the dial at the 6 o'clock marker, unfortunately your photo isn't clear enough for me to read them. If you could post the numbers, I can tell you more about the watch.
  7. They are also sometimes referred to as "marriage" watches. Just to add to the confusion
  8. Greetings and Salutations! I you want to learn to service a mechanical watch, pocket watches are great to start with. Nice big parts. Have fun!
  9. I think you can buy directly from A&F, although I haven't tried it myself. Online shop here -
  10. Hi! Going to Baselworld, huh? I'm jealous! Maybe you could post about your favorite things at the show? I think lots of members would like that. Cheers!
  11. Greetings! Watchmaking is fascinating, and addictive, too. Have fun!
  12. Welcome, and good luck!
  13. Great Story! And greetings
  14. Could have been the ultrasonic cleaning, almost looks like someone took some solvent to it! They certainly owe you a new bezel insert. Good luck!
  15. Greetings and welcome to the Watch Rescue Society