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  1. I use VM&P (Varnish Makers and Painters) Naptha for cleaner, and anhydrous(no water) isopropyl alcohol for rinse. Generally a light petroleum distillate will work as a solvent on the oils and dirt in a watch. Something like Naptha or what we call "White Gas" (Coleman, or camp stove, fuel) here in the states. Just be careful with alcohol, it can dissolve the shellac that holds pallet and roller jewels in place. Also, a little bit of heat is good when drying the parts, I use a hair dryer. The idea is to keep water from condensing on the parts as the alcohol dries and the parts cool.
  2. Hi! You've got a model 22 movement there, and #anilv's instructions are a good start. I have a lot of TImex service documentation that I am sharing here - Timex Documents You should be able to find a lot relevant to your watch.
  3. Greetings! Search away! There is a *lot* of info here on ancient Seiko's and any other kind of watch too. Have Fun!
  4. Hi! Greetings! A Hammond player, hmm? I love that percussive sound, Leslie speaker winding up and down, and the growl you can get when you overdrive the amp. So cool. Had an old M3 at one time, got tired of trying to move it around, so I decided I would "cut it down" to portable format. It didn't end well. Chicago being the home of Hammond, there was an outfit, wish I could remember their name, that specialized in doing same, but at the time I didn't have the money to buy one of their portables. I did get my preamp from them, though. Good fun. And now I work on watches!
  5. Hello and Welcome! Some obsessions are healthy, and watchmaking is one of them
  6. How do you define best? I think it's still a very fractured market, it really depends on what you want the watch to do other than tell time. Timex has come out with some interesting stuff, like the IQ + move, which is an analog watch with a built in activity tracker.
  7. Welcome back, looking forward to unusual questions. What's that saying? It's lonely at the top?
  8. Greetings and Salutations! My eyes aren't so clear, and my hands not steady, but I keep finding ways to compensate! So, I suspect you'll be doing watch work for quite some time
  9. Hi!

    Hey Mark, Enjoy!
  10. Greetings and Salutations! Hope you enjoy participating, and Have Fun!
  11. Otto Frei has a page that shows mainspring end pieces, maybe it will help.
  12. Go for it! One thing I've wanted to do with my SNK809 is replace the flat mineral crystal with a CT063 domed sapphire one from Crystal TImes. I think it would give it a more vintage look. And hey, if you can pull off engraving, you can always find inspiration in the engraving styes found on vintage watch bezels!
  13. Looks to me like a staking tool.
  14. I like the wooden screwdrivers he uses in the video The other pegwood tools look handy, too.
  15. Greetings Virus! See? You're in the right place, you've already gotten some good advice. And you are lucky that you have access to you father's tools! That gives you a great head start.