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  1. That H/S needs to be sorted out first. I can clearly see the coils are wrong. Is it flat and is it bouncing between the regutater pins no matter where the regulater is. Get that sorted first and you will find the amplitude will improve. Working with H/Springs can be very time comsuming and in many cases you won't win. It takes hours of practice.
  2. You can buy proper tools for this type of work. If you have a good cleaning machine in many cases, it is not necessary to take them apart. I expect some on here will be very eager to criticise my info.
  3. Welcome to the forum. Lots of good info on here for you.
  4. Fascinating stuff. Very good photos nice and clear as well. Do keep us up to date on your project.
  5. The best way is to use a clock brooch.
  6. Thats a modern clock, movement chime with black spade hands and underslung chimes. When you decide to take the movement out can I have a few pictures. I should be able to help you get it working, thats if you intend to do it yourself.
  7. You will find one hell of a difference if it’s an auto.
  8. If they fitted a new battery, they must have known it was not keeping time. At that time there would be no point fitting a new stem. If you left them your details including phone number they should have contacted you, or wait until you called in, they should have given you advice. Then they kept it for two months, If you asked for an estimate only by word of mouth that isn’t a guarantee, if they gave you a receipt stating estimate they have broken there contract to you, there for they are at fault. After being treated like that, I would find a different watchmaker. Do they carry out all repairs on their premises; this is always the first thing to ask.
  9. Welcome to this friendy forum. Plenty of info on here for you to get stuck into. I see you have already posted about your problem.
  10. How about some photos.
  11. A nice light room even if its small. The L & R varimatic is the best cleaning machine I ever had.How do you manage to work on your lathe tucked in that corner with all the other stuff around.
  12. That would be for part of the calendar work.
  13. You quite often find part or complete stop work missing. The most common is the screw comes adrift the tread is worn or the stop work is worn and jams up the works. So parts go missing or just thrown away.
  14. That's very nice. It is a lever platform with a compensated balance. Its not a cylinder.
  15. That is very good. If I were you, I would leave well alone. If you intend to purchase a burnisher make sure you get the right one for you, they are made to suite left or a right handed person.