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  1. You dont say where you are from but they are available from Cousins in the U.K at a cost of £5.95 each plus postage cousins part code " FAV2535445 "
  2. The results state that "This tentative identification would need to be verified by elctron-probe micro analysis" this hasnt been done as far as I know and some have stated that the age of the parts could account for no gold content being found on the movement parts, they all so say why would a watch company plate parts in copper alone when this would tarnish quicker than the brass metal underneath it.
  3. The Jury is out on what Omega actually used to plate their movements one side of the argument says that they used a beryilium copper alloy on the brass plates and the other side says that the movement where plated with pink gold. It is most likley a copper alloy because gold cannot be plated directley on to brass without using a barrier layer of nickel. There is somone one who sent parts of for analysis to determine exactly what the coating was but a lot of people have argued that these results are not definitive the results can be seen at the below site, It does state that the plating is between 1 micron and 5 microns thick so not very thick at all so any polishing would have to be done with none abrasive cleaners or you will soon see the yellow brass showing through. I know that if you put a copper coin into coca cola over night it will turn it bright and shiny and belive me I am not suggesting you do that for one minute but I have some scrap copper plated movements I may try it in the next few days and see what happens and post the results. Personally I would just clean them and live with the tarnish and discolourisation.
  4. Id go for the second of the two good quality french movement in a interesting case, the Angelus is a modern clock produced I would say sometime in the last 30 years and although Angelus being regarded as a good maker it lack's the quality of the second of the two it is definetley not a antique clock.
  5. I have had time to study this watch and I am utterly convinced that the case for this one is not Rolex, its a silver case imported into London 1928 and has a George Dimier sponsors mark, I can not find refrence to George Dimier having supplied cases to Rolex, the RWC ltd stamp should be a well defined oval shape this one is clearly not the rolex stamps look like a later edition to the case to me. Again the movement is unrelated to the case but is a 15 jewel 10.5 Aegler Rebberg
  6. I think what you have with these watches is a bit of a mish mash of parts the case for this one is a model 2416 2 piece cushion oyster, the case is not gold filled it is a english hallmarked 9 ct gold and was imported into Glasgow 1936 and that ties in very neatley with the case serial number, the movement is unrelated to this watch it would have had 10.5 ligne extra prima movement and all examples I can find in my refrence books and online have such fitted. The case its self would have had a screw down oyster crown and looks like someone has removed the case tube. The movement is a Aegler Rebberg 7 jewel 10.5 ligne and could date from 1912 to the mid twenties but certainly not the mid 1930's, it would fit into this case but could have been fron a trench watch, or hinged lug type watch of either a ladies or gents watch, the dial could be original to the movement as the earliest Rolexes where not always signed on the dial. Having reread your post the Aegler calibre 806 10.5 ligne is the same as the gruen 806 10.5 ligne stems are available for this movement but are 51 euros each,
  7. That would come down to personal preference but 5500k bulbs would produce a more natural daylight balanced light, or you could go all 18th century and buy a oil lamp and fill it with whale oil and reflect on how lucky we are today
  8. The movements used in these are of Chinese origin possibly a seagull ST16 I think they are made to look like chrono's but dont actually have that function Wayne
  9. The problem with Ebay is they will only do something about sellers like these if they are selling obvious fakes of current models E.G Rolex's, Omega's, Brietling, etc, but this leaves the door open for vintage fakes over the past year I have seen countless fake vintage Breitling watches made from landeron derived chronos with fake dials fitted and laser etched markings on both case and movement, I report all I see but nothing is ever done and in some cases they are selling for thousands, they are mostly but not exclusively coming out of Italy. Fake and altered pocket watch are coming from eastern Europe mainly with spurious military or royal connections, they even fake documentation to make them look like they where gifts to certain military figures complete with photos, receipts etc, they are though taking some very high end watches with high intrinsic value in their own right and sticking Skulls, U-boats, Military crosses, Portraits, and anything else they can think off to add value, It is in my opinion vandalism with criminal intent it sickens me to see such fantastic piece ruined. I have seen plenty of the Chinese clock's on Ebay and in auction houses and not all auction houses are cataloging them correctly meaning they are being misrepresented and fetching more than they should be its a shame but it makes it even more imperative for those who collect to educate themselves through sites such as this, and not get stung by the criminals, "Buyer beware"
  10. Yes and dont forget it comes with a " CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY" this guy has been making thousands for years with this tat
  11. Sadly for every genuine french carriage clock there are a thousand chinese fakes on ebay, its absolutley flooded with this crap, there are those who state exactly what these clocks are and those who try and decieve. They.can be bought very cheapley through the chinese equivalent of ebay "taboa" the factories producing them are geared up to producing these in their thousands i see more and more turning up in auction house and some are far higher quality than that shown. There are far too many people making a good living from reproductions and fakes on ebay but seem to have been doing it for years, the guy selling the adove has been altering clocks and watches for years and selling them as rare and asking many, thousands for them some are laughable but some are quite sophisticated but they use some very high quality originals and then alter them in such a way as to add value, criminal vandalism is how I see them, as alway Buyer beware
  12. During the early part of the 20th century with the miniaturisation of watch movements many novelty items where produced all by very well respected watch manufactures and jewellers, penknives, keys, ladys compacts, cigarette lighters all at one time where produced with watch faces utalising movements normally used in ladies cocktail watches. In my collection I own one such novelty a propelling pencil made by Carl.F.Bucherer and produced in the mid 1920's, these pencils can be found with various names Cartier, Dunhill and Rolex. The Rolex ones where made by Bucherer for them and are extremely rare. The one I own is signed Bucherer and is made from solid silver they where also produced in 18ct and 14ct gold and some of the silver ones where enameld with various designs. I have seen two versions of the basic design of these watches one version has the watch permantley on display at the top of the pen the other has a hidden watch which is revealed by releasing a catch on the side of the pencil releasing a spring so the watch pops out of the top. The pencil is around 5 and a half inches and the watch face being oblong in shape and measuring 9mm by 15mm The watch part of the pencil can be pulled upwards and then unscrewed from the main body of pencil this reveals a hole into which the pencil leads are placed The watch part is held together with a screw on the top or in some cases a loop attached to a chain so it can be worn around the neck, undoing this allows the back to be taken off inside is a high quality 15 jewel movement it has proved to be very accurate the only problem with a oblong faced watch of this size is it can be extremley difficult to read at a glance The whole thing is beautifully finished with engine turned detail throughout the length of the watch, the pencil lead is deployed via a twist mechanism at the tip It is a fine example of the craftmanship of the era in which it was made it would have been very expensive in its day to buy even though being meerly a novelty. The only difficultey I had with this watch when purchased the crystal was broken in two, I could not find one of the correct size so ordered the next nearest from cousins it came about a month after ordering I then had to file it to size. Wayne
  13. "SUSPENSE" think I have found out what it is the movement is held in place with rubber blocks between the movement spacer ring and case to protect against shocks, I have a IWC yacht club that uses this kind of shock protection
  14. If you look on the inside of the case back there is quite often but not always a 3 to 4 digit date code usually the month and year of manufacture seperated by a dash, SUSPENSE intresting but never seen that before
  15. I dont know if you have noticed or maybe you have removed it but the bezel is missing from the watch, and what is the curios word under the divers helmet on the back I can read suspe, have you a picture of the inside of the case back ?