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  1. Slander is not a crime that is a civil matter, but there is nothing to stop the original poster giving the serial numbers of the watch and if anyone spots it he can be informed as to the seller and decide how to act from there.
  2. I cant see why the police would say it is a civil matter theft is theft whether done over the internet or in person. I'm afraid dealing with paypal when a dispute arises is like banging your head against a wall, they will stick rigidly to the rules which are easily exploited by criminals. You could provide information on the watch do you have serial numbers and model number what is the username of the person you sold it to on Ebay so we can all avoid them and keep an eye out for your watch who ever took it will probably try to re-sell the item.
  3. Just go to this page and enter your calibre number you can download a pdf file for any citizen quartz watch, Casio, Citizen and seiko all have excellent sites for downloading manuals even for models from the 80's
  4. I dont know, I think that may defeat the object of having a handy variable controller because you would still have to depress the foot pedal to get power to the motor, I think with electrics its best to keep things simple. I would have liked to use a dimmer switch type fan controller because that would have looked neater on my lathe which is mounted on a MDF board but B and Q seem to have stopped stocking these near where I live, so I opted for the plug in controller. I
  5. Yes, I rewired the plug on the sewing machine motor that goes from the motor to the foot pedal, and fitted a standard 3 pin plug and then plug that directly into the variable speed controller. You can also use a variable speed fan controller the type that looks like a dimmer switch and mount that near your lathe, but you cannot use a dimmer switch, its important that you only use one specifically for a motor.
  6. I use one of these, You will have to take off the foot pedal fitting on the motor and rewire and fit a standard three pin plug to use it. As with all things electrical if your not sure how to do this leave alone.
  7. Just my opinion but old watches should look old the dial on yours would be perfectly exceptable to me its original and shows its age but is still usable. I have seen many truly horrendous redials that look just too sterile and obvious thus ruining the look of the watch, I would live with it. Just keep it in mind and you may find one pop up on Ebay at some point but at this stage I would not be looking to do anything with the dial if it was mine. Once its restored it's no longer original and it cant be undone later, for now live with it and save your money. Defintley in my opinion
  8. The watch is a English Dennison cased watch, with Swiss fairly high grade movement that looks very much like a Revue Thommen, Vertex calibre. The case can be dated via the hallmarks in this case the watch was hallmarked in Chester, so you need to look up Chester hallmarks because each assay office used there own date letter codes. Whats it worth, at the very least its gold content (empty case less movement and case springs) I would guess around 25 to 30 grams (£260 to £320 at current prices for 9ct ) on a watch that is roughly 50 mm in diameter, as a complete working watch probably around £50 to £100 above its scrap value as a realistic value.
  9. Technical data for this calibre 391, 392, 394.pdf suggest this part should fit the 394 calibre Setting Lever Spring ( 445 ), Oris 391 Wayne
  10. Hmm lets see, well there's just nothing right about it what so ever, it's a complete turd. Bezel from a GMT incorrect, date window magnification way off, hour markers wrong, dial wrong, I think your having a laugh
  11. It's an interesting comparison, when I buy a car I can see a list of prices for servicing from the dealer I make an informed choice on purchase by factoring in those costs, and with some manufactures designing cars that require the complete removal of the front bumper to change a bulb, I chose not to buy from that manufacturer. When I bought my first Swiss watch brand new in 1990, an Omega Speedmaster one of the first questions I asked was how much would a service be for the watch I seem to remember the price as being £115.00 at the time or a fifth of the cost of the watch. Omega only serviced it under warranty and made a complete hash of it, in fact to such a degree they replaced the watch under warranty after that my local watchmaker got my patronage when it required a service. I have only used omega to service one other watch I owned and that was a 18ct constellation which went in for a service and refinish that came to £135.00 in 1993 and they did a superb job. Many people just wont bother to ask about servicing and would be stung at a later date it would be interesting and useful if agents where forced by law to show current manufacturer recommended service intervals and battery change or servicing costs next to the price of the watch in the window display or at least to be displayed in any brochure the manufacture prints.
  12. As a way of ensuring continued revenue forcing people to have to send it back to the official agent for a battery and seal change at a £100 a pop. An annoying trend now a days.
  13. The following site lists every 7750 based IWC calibre and then shows every model that used that particular variant, its a very useful site for checking which manufactures use which base calibre and the calibre numbers that particular maker desiginates similar to the Ranftt site.
  14. Iwc 7750's are designated different calibre numbers and a number of variations where produced from a heavly modified grand complication Cal.79091 to the split seconds doppel chronograph cal.79470 also in the Aquatimer split seconds.They where modified by IWC, it may be easier to search the net via Model variation rather than movement.
  15. What make of watch is it would it be better to search under case parts for the particular brand of watch ?