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  1. I have a national electric model mark 6, I purchased a complete basket of ebay to use with the one I already had on the machine it was listed as having come from a elma machine. I dont want to over complicate matters but this is what I found, the inner parts of the basket I bought will fit into my old basket snuggly and create new compartments the cover on the basket I bought fit my old basket, and obviously the small holding basket will fit in the compartments. The basket frame I bought will not fit the bayonet fitting on my machine as it is not wide enough, but the lot I bought came with a shaft fitted so the complete basket assembly can be removed from the machine motor by undoing one screw and the one I bought can then be fitted to the machine again held by a screw on the shaft. I think the main diffrence between machines is the widths of baskets and the bayonet fittings on the basket frames, the elma type are narrower but if you can find a set cheap on ebay they should still be useful to you.
  2. I dont know I have a knack for finding obscure sites on the web but can I find the chuck key for my drill No! is it where I left it No! has someone other than me been tidying up Yes ! errrsorry I needed to vent, off to B&Q now
  3. This guy makes his own but the process sounds a bit involved but the results look good, And this company make them but they dont mention the price, so new old stock off the Bay maybe your best option the crystals are glass so maybe a local optician could polish them out.
  4. Yes it is but I didnt see them when I searched I did find one other based in a semi in whales which basically said send us your watch for an estimate and a similar one in London of course due dilligence is required when sending anywhere.
  5. I know what you mean genrally I find the post office to be very good having had only one nasty experience with them years ago I sent a Omega military watch and a Eterna sonic watch to a collector in the U.S I took out compensation on the items and got a receipt for them. The items never arrived and the Post office had no record of the items being sent, they basically went missing as soon as I handed them to the post office worker watches with a declared value of £700.00 just evaporated in his hands ( I wonder where they went ). The onus was then put on me to prove the value of the items the whole thing took about 3 months before they paid out.
  6. I woulldnt describe your watch as a low end item I can easily see this item fetching somewhere between £400-600 in a specialist auction.
  7. Where are you based in the U.K there is a repair shop in the birmingham jewellery quarter thats a bricks and mortar place, All the others seem to be internet based and I wouldnt risk sending a watch to them the web sites look dodgy to me.
  8. Looks to me like its a travel type clock come pocket watch does the outer egde of the watch fold out and form a stand for placing on a bedside cabinet or the like ? could be more valuable than you think.
  9. From a quick search the name was first registered on 10.2.1927 to Schein & Engel & Co. f¨r: Banner Watch Co If you need to look up names and trademarks this site is excellent :
  10. I dont know if this has been posted before but the Patek in this article fetched £9 million
  11. Below is a quick experiment with a denture cleaning tablet (I would like to point out I do have a full set of teeth the tablets where bought to clean white enamel dials which they are very good if used with caution) This is a old dial from a scrap ladies movement and is typical of the 30's 40's period and is a two tone dial with printed details it is suffering from typical ageing and oxidisation I do wear watches daily that have dials in this condition As you can see the dial is readable and all the printing can be seen it does however look what can only be described as grimy, so to see if denture cleaners can be used on dials like this to improve the look I soaked the dial for 10 minutes in a solution made from a denture cleaning tablet and deionised water. Forgiving the fact the photo is not very good the damage done can be seen with the loss of much of the printed fine detail on the dial it has taken only 10 minutes to totally ruin the dial with no improvement in the look of the dial what so ever, it does however smell minty fresh
  12. As already stated the method of using denture cleaners is only good for enamel dials and even then extreme caution has to be used, if you tried it on the dial you have jdrichard I fear you may end up with a nice shiny blank disc. I've said before old watch should look old and oxidisation on the dial is better than having a ruined dial. The picture of the dial you have shown looks perfectly exceptable to me leave it and enjoy you cant easly undo any damage you do by trying to clean it, I would as a collector look upon a watch of that period that had a mint nice shiny new looking dial with suspicion.
  13. I did think it would be the case, but I do think claiming the clock is restored is a bit rich, I noticed on the clock I have by the same maker all the parts are stamped with the serial number on the bezel, pendulum and movement I dont think the under side of the dial was marked so as you say it would be an easy job just to swap the movement from one case to the other. The only thing that does not match on mine is the gong which looks correct but is marked G.B so I thought maybe it had come from another clock.
  14. I spotted this today for sale, I bought a Samuel Marti clock last week so did a quick search for similar clocks and found this Described as restored yet missing the strike mechanism and train it could only be described as incomplete yet its still attracting bids it does however have a nice case so I can think people must be bidding only for parts or the case.
  15. I find watch price guides to be of dubious use any way, the well worn phrase its only worth what someone is willing to pay comes to mind but it does hold true the best reliable guide I find nowadays is Ebay search for previous auction sales (not buy it nows people list at such unrealistic prices its never a good way to determine price) and see what has been bid on a Item there are so many factors to price such as condition, rarity, desirability. The Shugart books are good to have for model identification and serial number information but it would be impossible to produce a book with every model ever produced it would have to be the size of the encyclopidea britannica to do that. I have over the years built up quite a collection of books on individual companys or individual watch types such as military watches, chronographs and automatic watches it has been expensive but worth the investment to gain knowledge. So the answer IMO is no you will not find a one size fits all watch book for pricing watches