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  2. I hadn't though of it like that, thank you! Perhaps I should rummage through my scrap bin...
  3. I suppose it's better the movements are used for something that gives pleasure rather than put in the bin. At least folk are then appreciating the beauty of the movements that are otherwise hidden in cases when they were functional. Now where did I put my cuff links?
  4. I also bought a small bottle to clean the hairsprings on Hamilton Electric watch balances . The balance also has a coil attached that i wouldn't want to submerge in any cleaning solution , so I use a glass eyedropper to place the solution only on the hairspring and use a delicate ladies cosmetic brush to clean the spring and my blower to dry it. I'll repeat a few times . Seems to work , just use a light touch .
  5. The Wife and I are National Trust members and we love the freedom of "we're bored, the kids need air" impromptu trips to local sites. The annual membership is a pittance when you consider the free parking and access to history (and some rather nice walks and tea-rooms). Whilst at Scotney Castle yesterday we found, in the gift shop, a jewellery maker who used old watch parts to make charms, pendants and brooches. Now I've seen ladies watch mechanisms turned into cuff-links before but there was an old gents wristwatch movement here, (unmarked and faceless) turned into a necklace/pendant. What "upset" me more were the brooches. Old, enameled dials, in sizes from Gent's wrist to various pocket watch. On the back they had epoxy-ed(?) a brooch-pin. Some of these dials were marked and there were several that I recognise from past eBay sales as being from makers active in the 19th and 20th centuries ("J. W. Benson" stood out). I realise that there must be a market, or they wouldn't stock them. But it strikes me as "wrong"?
  6. This is one of these threads that if discussed across a table would take a different path. It is not always easy to put across your exact feelings in a manner that you want, and as such it misconceptions and irritation can result. Ishima has asked me to lock this thread and I agree. The last thing that he or any of us wanted, is this to turn into one of these runaway vociferous threads. The tread is now locked!
  7. Like Rodabod's answer, this one intrigues me too. I haven't tried unscrewing the back and I am skeptical that the join on this particular case could be that invisible. I am at work now but will certainly give both answers a good try! The ONLY reason I've not yet popped the hands off to release the face yet is that my (slightly-arthritic) meat-hooks have such trouble getting the beggars back on. Is there a specific tool that'd make this easier?
  8. Thank you for the new option - I have never seen what you describe and am interested in investigating. With the front removed the mechanism is very free in the case and can be encouraged forwards as you describe. However, after a couple of mm it does come to a definite stop, suggesting either a stiff hinge, or no hinge. How much pressure would I have to apply if there were a hinge?
  9. I looked up the 345 movement on the Ranfft website and found it to be quite interesting with a few unusual details... First off bring the optional Ruby bearings for the rotor , and not mentioned in jewel count. Next is what is described as the dial side ratchet crown mechanism with rocker bar. As far as the case markings , I will venture a guess that the same case was used for the different calibers in this same series family . I have a Longines 5 Star Admiral that uses the same case for the 508 , 505 , 503 , and maybe others . The differences in the calibers may be that some are day , day / date , different jewel count , etc. It could have also been a transitional period between the calibers . As I said , just a guess and hopefully Longines or someone else can shed some light on the subject . A Very nice looking watch you have there . You can't go wrong with a Longines.
  10. Okay I can clearly see once again my point has been completely missed. Elitist arrogance? that has nothing to do with what I'm saying. Dissuading people from getting into the hobby? irrelevant. I did try very hard to make myself clear. I'm requesting an admin delete or lock this thread, I can see this was in fact a mistake to start.
  11. Aloha Hubert , and Welcome to this Forum . I am sure you will find the members friendly and willing to share their experience and varied collection of timepieces . Your Eppo watch is a piece of eye candy and I found oldhippy's description of the regulator arm to be an interesting fact . Definitely something that is new to me .
  12. Here are some pictures of the aberrant dart tooth on the runner. I've set that aside as I messed up my hairspring pretty bad (got the tension spring tangled up in it). I'm having fun learning all about the mechanics of tweaking and shaping hairsprings, but it's slow going. Mark's videos on this are very helpful. I may ultimately have to buy one, but I'll give it my best shot. I also took some time off of the 170 to service a family alarm clock with my dad, which was a nice switch to the macro from the micro and my first look at a pin escapement.
  13. Thank you for your warm welcome!
  14. I have been trying to research this watch and have come across something that I am unsure about as to its originality. The case has a number 2579-343 yet the movement is stamped 345. Would this necessarily mean that this movement is not original to this specific case? I know the 343 and 345 were from the same time period but beyond this I am not real sure. I have sent the question to Longines but it will be a couple of weeks before I hear back from them and I was hoping maybe someone might know a little about this. I am planning on getting rid of this one soon and just want to know everything I can about it first.
  15. BTW, the leds are listed as "daylight". The actual color rendition, but it's actually very good. I can't seem to get the white balance right on my camera.
  16. The leds are pre-mounted on an aluminum strip and that is inserted into a channel with fins that I guess is a heat sink of sort. Here's a pic from the seller's site.
  17. I have a T Eaton pocket watch with a high polish case and the back screws off. When screwed on the joint is almost invisible. Sterling silver case mind. I am sure that possibility has been explored... Ron
  18. I forgot , I had a good advise from szbalogh amd ro63rto about my ricoh (fake one) ...and the donor movement is on its way !
  19. David That is a very good one !
  20. CapMoy, I have heard it said that if someone who is not a pilot tries to land a commercial plane they will leave a hole in the ground. If an amature pilot tries to land a commercial plane they will leave a hole in the ground next to an airport.
  21. Short time I been in this forum I had a warm welcome and already helped with my pocket watch by jdrichard in a very kind as for me I have no complaints at all...friendly site.
  22. Incredible, well done, thats beautiful now, it was originally, but you have now taken it to the next level.
  23. The sole purpose of this forum is to help, and educate the community in watch repair, but at the same time, to build a great friendly community too, sharing likeminded advice, tips, reviews on tools, equipment, be it photos, links, videos, news articles, headlines, and pretty much anything else that fits into our community. My day job is working on watches, and I don't see these great forums being a threat to my livelihood.
  24. Ashima, I have never at any time seen this level of elitist arrogance come from Mark Lovick (the forum administrator) or any of the moderators. No comment like yours was ever mentioned in any of his excellent watch repair videos or in any post written by him or the moderators. The stated purpose of this forum and the YouTube watch repair videos was to create a platform to share watch repair knowledge with others. To my knowledge it was never stated that the reason for the existence of this forum was to provide a platform to demean the skill level of other members in order for a small group, who consider themselves to be the chosen few, to sell their services. I used to belong to another forum that was destroyed by two members who considered themselves to be God's gift to horology. I sincerely hope that this sort of situation does not happen here. david
  25. I'm new to this forum as well as the hobby so I probably have no room to talk on this topic, but I'll throw my 2 cents out anyway. I think you walk a fine line when you dissuade people from getting into the hobby. I myself probably fell into the category you speak of just a few months ago. I had inherited a watch and check about getting it serviced and realized how much it would cost for a piece that was purely just sentimental with no real value at all. So I decided instead maybe I could do something about it. Not that I ever thought it would be easy, I just figured it would just be one more reason it would be sentimental. So I hopped online and just started reading, and maybe that's where I deviate from the group that you are talking about because I chose to watch hours worth of mark's videos, as well as other videos. And read through forums and even got a beginners watchmaking/repair book which I have slowly been working through. I didn't jump in and ask for the easy solution. However had I done that, I probably still would have been headed down the same path I am now buying up cheap movements on eBay to practice on, slowly working up to more complicated movements for myself. But had I been welcomed with a "this isn't for everyone, go see a professional" I definitely wouldn't have stuck around. I do understand the frustration to some extent because I see similar stuff on Reddit communities that I participate heavily in and it can get frustrating at times. But I have learned that it's sometime a better idea to win someone into your hobby rather than push them out just because they lack certain etiquette. Especially for an art like watch making/repairing that seems to have a smaller and smaller community of hobbyists. Hopefully this was coherent, typed it up on my phone so please forgive me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. Thank you, SSTEEL. I appreciate it.
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